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Why Eating Organic Is Better!

Why Eating Organic Is Better!


Why consuming natural is much better; it’s an increasing pattern around the globe to begin consuming more natural food and it appears that returning to how it utilize to be can be much better for you! Is natural food really much better for you?

The factor for why eating natural is much better is primarily the chemicals and the modifications in the chemistry of the food researchers utilize to safeguard them from being consumed by insects and pests.

Bowl with organic foodNatural I’m not a passionate Walmart consumer, however I believed it would be enjoyable to do a natural and healthy food trip of my regional Walmart to see what products they bring.

I discovered a lots of excellent things consisting of kombucha, Bragg apple cider vinegar, natural coconut flour, natural avocados, natural maple syrup, natural eggs and more! It’s incredible to see that Walmart has natural and healthy alternatives.

To respond to the concern; why consuming natural is much better? Obviously there are lots of factors like preventing the included chemicals and the adjustment of it’s DNA. Probably individuals would purchase more natural food however the costs are much greater than the non-organic food and nowadays with less cash to keep homes it’s not budget-friendly for the typical household.



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DaxsmokerPosted on  10:06 pm - Oct 3, 2018

Laci you are so hot!

Lukas NovellaPosted on  10:53 pm - Oct 3, 2018

Laci? Seriously? Whatever, I’m gonna educate you all.
Myth: Organic Produce doesn’t have pesticides
Truth: organic food can have pesticides if they are from a natural source. Several of these pesticides however, such as iron nitrate, are actually much worse for the environment.
Myth: Organic is better for you
Truth: there is no difference in nutrients from organic to conventional
Myth: Organic has a higher yield
Truth: organic has a 25% decrease in yield. This is also why the price is hugely inflated
Myth: organic and by extension free range meats are more ethical.
Truth: Organic meat is not allowed to be treated with antibiotics, meaning if an animal gets infected, they have a high chance of dying. And to be considered Free Range, animals only required FIVE MINUTES in witch they are allowed outside. Furthermore, many free range animals are kept in cages for early stages of their life, meaning they are afraid to go outside when the opportunity arises

Christopher CardonoPosted on  11:34 pm - Oct 3, 2018

I can't find watermelon with brown seeds. All watermelon today is seedless and it taste terribly. Only seed watermelon is good for hypertension and also terrific for erection without side effects. Whole Food Market only sell seedless watermelons. I'm very disappointed.

arwen hypnoticPosted on  11:43 pm - Oct 3, 2018

Could you please take a moment and answer to this survey about organic food

Jade HaumannPosted on  12:22 am - Oct 4, 2018 But what about these points? Leave a comment I want to know people's thoughts.

Sigurdur B GudmundssonPosted on  12:46 am - Oct 4, 2018

Our life, our planet!!!

Althea HurlockPosted on  2:13 am - Oct 4, 2018

Organic is definitely the way to go..check out the detailed benefits at

Kenneth LucasPosted on  2:30 am - Oct 4, 2018

Organic is way better for you you just have to be careful what your buying is truly organic

The Hope of Israel WorldwidePosted on  2:38 am - Oct 4, 2018

Thank you

Potatoe for presidentPosted on  3:02 am - Oct 4, 2018


I. FloresPosted on  3:38 am - Oct 4, 2018

She is annouing i couldnt sit throughthe video .

Johanna SeguraPosted on  4:05 am - Oct 4, 2018

This is so awesome! Unfortunately due to my bizarrely horrifying 3 years experience working at Walmart……….I avoid the place at all costs lol. But I'm happy that they provide cleaner food options seeing that expensive and organic are stereotypically synonymous with each other. Enjoyed the video.

Family Wellness On a budgetPosted on  4:10 am - Oct 4, 2018

I LOVE your video. Look like we eat very similarly! So glad to find a healthy food haul! I just started a channel this week where my focus will be healthy family food hauls, budgeting and meal planning.Check it out and subscribe if you'd like!

vell 101Posted on  4:37 am - Oct 4, 2018

hello from france, its really good to eat heathy and organic food

Caroline CohenPosted on  4:57 am - Oct 4, 2018

Great finds! I’ve been shopping at Wal-mart over the past several months. It seems like my store is adding more organic items every week, so I recommend checking back regularly!

cortariesPosted on  5:52 am - Oct 4, 2018

So when I went to the farmer's market in Wintergreen, there was a booth where a lady was selling her homemade natural deodorant. I asked her about the irritation or rash that some people get and she stated that sometimes people mistake the reaction for an allergy, when really it's the imbalance of your pH due to the baking soda. She said to prime your pits with apple cider vinegar and a cotton ball first for a few weeks and that should resolve the issue. I know you love your ACV and hopefully your pits will too! I can't remember how long she said to do this and wether you should just do the vinegar by itself for a few weeks, so I found this webpage that may help:

Hope this can help some of us!

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