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Mental Skill Vs Physical Skill

Mental Skill Vs Physical Skill, you need both.

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Both body and mind are needed to carry out any given task in a fruitful manner. They should be taken care of by every conscious individual who wants to lead a meaningful life. Mental skill is very much needed to improve organizational expertize. But without taking care of the body we can not have a healthy mind. If the body becomes sick then mental energy will also erode, because the physical illness will affect us psychically. So our motto should be to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Body and mind should run parallel. They should be taken care of all the time. While maintaining external purity attention should also be given to improving internal purity. A pure mind and a chaste brain have tremendous capacity and can achieve many things.

Mental skill Vs physical skill where every organization, family, and society is very much essential. It is needed to deal with people and keep a good and long-lasting relationship with the customers. Mental expertise will help us to learn and know about the functioning of an organization and if we developmental skill we can have technical expertise. From the very beginning of our childhood, attention should be given to developing the mental skills of the students by developing various techniques. A student should be able to judge their minds and learn how to apply their mind in a fruitful endeavor to accomplish any task. By developing a well-devised methodology we can have tremendous mental skill. Once we acquire mental skill in all areas of life, most of our fatigue, tension, frustrations and despairs will be over and we will lead a happy and contented life.

Physical skill-We should also have physical skill. Simultaneously with the mental labor, we should be able to do physical labor like gardening, cooking, washing our clothes and decorating the house. This will enhance the relationship between husband and wife. We will also feel independent and more confident. This will satisfy us and we will feel mentally contented. In order to keep the body in perfect order daily exercise, yoga and morning walk are prescribed by various health experts. We should take advantage of those methods to stay healthy because a healthy body gives rise to a healthy mind.

Body and mind should run parallel…We should see that we are healthy both physically and mentally because both are needed to carry out a given task. Body and mind are related, one affects the other. So both should remain in perfect order so that we can enjoy the beauty of life. Remaining healthy both physically and mentally we will contribute more to our family, organization, and society. This will also keep us in harmony and in a pleasant mood always.

Developing mental skill; we can developmental skill by various methods. Mental meditation is the most suitable method for developmental skill. By repeating Lord’s name daily in the morning and evening over a considerable span of time many undesirable thoughts are flushed out from our mind and positive, vibrant and invigorating thoughts take their place energizing the mind. We become able to carry out our tasks without fatigue, tension, and boredom. There are many other methods by which we can developmental skill. By practicing pranayama, dynamic power breathing and crystal gazing we can acquire tremendous mental energy and acquire mental skills in all areas of life.

Developing physical skill-We can develop physical skill by daily exercise, yoga, morning walk, and gymnasium. We should take a good and nutritious diet suitable for our body. For this, we should refer books of great authors who have given expert advice on our food habits and we can maintain good physical health. We should be vegans in order to have a sound body and avoid spicy foods. We should increase the consumption of raw foods and various fruits. Our body is an instrument meant to do good works So misuse of sense organs will adversely affect your physical well being.

Going beyond body, mind, and intellect; we should go beyond the body and it’s various passions, mind and it’s lust, intellect and it’s restlessness. We should have perfect control over our body, mind, and intellect. We should not hear the unusual demand of our sense organs. We should go beyond and stay in a state of elevated consciousness so as to have full command over our external and internal activities. We should have a developed state of consciousness and always remaining in that state we can better judge ourselves and our activities and can have full command over our lives. Our life is in our hand. Going beyond body, mind, and intellect we can perfectly manage various aspects of life. We should also be able to think outside of the box.

Meditation and exercise; these two are the most powerful tools to keep ourselves healthy both mentally and physically. By constant practice of meditation, we can develop tremendous powers of concentration which is the most powerful weapon to have a vibrant mental skill. Moreover, we can make our mind one-pointed and focused. When all the rays of mind are focused on a given task the mind ignites and we become able to achieve that task within no time. We can take the example of sunrays. When the sun rays are passed through a convex lens they are converged to a point and can burn anything that falls in front of them. Such is the power of a concentrated and focused mind. Through daily doses of exercise, we can have a perfect body and our mind will also remain alert. By walking a mile or two in the first rays of the sun in the morning we can have a perfect breathing. We will breathe clean air outside. This will keep us healthy both physically and mentally.

Application of mind and body-We should develop a healthy body and mind and should apply them in carrying out our given tasks. We should apply our healthy body and a healthy mind in fruitful works so that we can have a meaningful life.

Conservation of energy-We should conserve our physical and mental energy. We should not allow our mind to run after baseless thoughts. We should fill it with positive vibrations from the universe and should not allow it to run after mundane things. We should also restrain our body from indulgence in excessive sensual pleasures and unfruitful works.

Both our body and mind are necessary to keep us always in a state of harmony and in perfect union with the universal forces. So we should have a sound body and mind to acquire physical and mental skills respectively. Then we can remain in perfect tune with the universal forces and can achieve our dreams and reach our goals soon.

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