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Talisman – Positive Mental Attitude

Today let’s talk about we can reverse that side to having PMA or positive mental attitude, a side that you’ll want to have with you wherever you go.

Cartoon of a monkey doing pushups

Now one might be able tell from the title, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, that the title says it all. However, the book goes deeper than just success; it talks about PMA as it is a way of life. “Success” to everybody means different things, but in order to achieve their kind of success, one has to develop a positive mental attitude through practice and perseverance. It doesn’t just come “pre-packaged”.

In the previous post, I stated that most people become unhappy because of things that they don’t have. Instead of finding a solution to their woes, they develop a negative mental attitude from inside to out. Realize that, with PMA, it is possible to achieve anything you want including what was stated yesterday:Wealth
Dream House
Dream Car

This is not a full list of things so feel free to add to it. I also realize that there are some things in life that are permanent. These things are a lot more difficult to conquer and usually even on the mere thought of these permanent things, it brings out a negative mental attitude in us.

But also realize that even if some things are permanent, there are ways that are unknown to your mind at this point to solving the problem and in order to even see that, you have to first try to at least develop a positive mental attitude.

Think of it as a see-saw. There is a balance. For everything that seems negative in your life, there is something that equality positive that you can have. If there is a low degree of negative, there will be a low degree of positive. If there is a high degree of negative, there will be a high degree of positive as well. It just depends if you’re willing to see that other side or not.

Napoleon Hill once said, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of equal or greater benefit.” It is true that even with the worse adversities, failures, and heartaches, there is something to learn from it and receive from it in a positive form.

That’s why it’s important that instead of saying things such as I cannot, it will bring in a way of looking at things if we say things such as:

I can!
It’s doable!
It’s possible!
There is a way!
I choose how to react to him!
I choose how to react to her!
I need to change myself!
I can change!
I am as gifted as anybody else!
I can do anything!

When you start to reframe the I cannots to I cans, you’ll start to see a power within yourself manifesting all the situations to something positive. You’ll find yourself holding the power to influence yourself and others too.

One of the biggest messages of the book was having a magnificent obsession. And that is simply having an obsession of helping others to make the world a better place through positive mental attitude. Even if you can’t help yourself, and you can’t find happiness within yourself, you might be able to find happiness by helping others feel good or succeed.

Whether this is giving them a compliment, doing a deed, smiling, or any other small thing, these all make a difference in raising people’s moods and allowing yourself to be a more positive person as well. Through PMA, a person will no longer have to use negative ways to get through life. It will build a character of the following traits:


A character with these traits do not view problems as bad things, but as challenges to overcome. Most people view problems and what the word implies – problem, headache, frustration etc.

Instead of seeing a problem that you may dislike, view the problem as something that is suppose to help you grow as a person. If the problem involves other people, and what they have done to you, it doesn’t matter about them.

What matters is you, so let them go as you cannot be burdened by people problems for your time, whether this is a year, five years, or ten years.

When you let positive mental attitude in the worst of times, you motivate yourself when you feel like you can’t do anything. It will help you motivate others when they feel down as well. It will help you find a way out of what seems impossible for you at the time and it will spread like a fire effecting everybody around you. It will help you attract wealth if you are poor or help you find love in your life if you are alone. It builds character and a pleasing personality that others want to be around and want to learn from.

But most importantly, by having a positive attitude, you will feel healthy, you will feel happy, and you will feel terrific every single day. You will wake up with enthusiasm because you no longer want to waste time sleeping. You notice that there’s a lot of unhappy people who oversleep because they are thinking way too much about their worries, rather than what they can be doing in life! You are what you think about. So never let time pass you by because we only have on life to live and time will be gone. Utilize every moment that you have with an attitude that shines from inside out.

The Tragedy of Mental Illness

When we see a homeless man begging on the side of the road it evokes different emotions in us and one reason could be that he is a tragedy of mental illness. If he appears out of touch with reality, we feel fear. If he is an alcoholic and begging for money, we feel anger, assuming his alcoholism is what landed him on the streets in the first place. What we don’t realize is that in many instances, people who are homeless are often a tragedy of mental illness and no medication. It is common for drugs and alcohol to be used in an attempt to self medicate, leading to addiction problems.

Image of people discussing mental health

Mental illness strikes new victims each day, robbing them of a quality of life that most people maintain on a daily basis. Those of us who live with a sound mind are often unaware of the suffering the mentally ill endure unless we have a friend or relative who has this disease. In silence it attacks the mind, rendering it powerless without some kind of intervention. In turn, the one suffering is forced to depart from all that he or she has known as normal and enters a private hell from which there is no escape. To be a prisoner of your own mind is a tragedy that that is incomprehensible yet intriguing at the same time. Often used as a platform for movies and entertainment, it is anything but entertaining to the one who is in its grips.

Isolation creeps in as friends and family keep their distance when behaviors become unpredictable and bizarre. Forced to face the frailty of the human mind we often turn our heads in an attempt to maintain our own strong standing when we see that this disease is not a respecter of persons. Where does that leave the sick? Imprisoned, alone and friendless. This, in itself, is the greater tragedy. In a world where there is so much information and insight there is no excuse for such ignorance. What do the mentally ill need from us the most? They need understanding and compassion, but most of all, they need a friend. Be one.

Mental illness strikes new victims each day, robbing them of a quality of life that most disease. In silence it attacks the mind, rendering it powerless without some kind of intervention. In turn, the one suffering is forced to depart from all that he or she has known as normal and enters a private hell from which there is no escape.

To be a prisoner of your own mind is a tragedy that that is incomprehensible yet intriguing at the same time. Often used as a platform for movies and entertainment, it is anything but entertaining to the one who is in its grips. Isolation creeps in as friends and family keep their distance when behaviors become unpredictable and bizarre. Forced to face the frailty of the human mind we often turn our heads in an attempt to maintain our own strong standing when we see that this disease is not a respecter of persons. Where does that leave the sick? Imprisoned, alone and friendless. This, in itself, is the greater tragedy. In a world where there is so much information and insight there is no excuse for such ignorance. What do the mentally ill need from us the most? They need acceptance and understanding. They need a friend. Be one.

Losing Weight is a Mental Process

Losing weight is a mental process and it begins with the amount of your daily intake of calories. If you are burning more calories than your body takes in, you will lose weight (generally speaking). It’s a simple formula really but involves more of your mental capacity than anything else if you want to succeed.

Habits are hard to break, I understand that. That’s just how the psyche of the human brain works. It becomes a daily battle in your head to overcome bad habits and begin to develop new and healthier habits. This applies to weight loss as well.

The first thing you need to do is realize just what it is that you have done wrong. Or more like what steps have you taken in your life that has led you to where you are currently. Your current body is a direct result of the choices you have made with your diet and exercise up to this point. So if you want to change, you are going to need to change your lifestyle too. And it begins with knowing the right things to eat and the right workouts to use.

Stop eating foods high in calories like ice cream, soda, candy, deep fat fried foods, and fast foods in general. As soon as you start weeding these foods out of your diet, your body will respond immediately.
Even if you don’t add in a workout routine since you are intaking fewer calories, your body will start pulling energy from the fat you have stored and thus you will lose weight as a result.

Over time you will become more and more used to making healthier choices in your diet and it will become easier to go about your life as if you had never made those bad food choices before. You see, your body doesn’t work like your mind and dwell on the past. It only knows what you are doing to it presently. So if you eat well now, your body will respond and you will feel and look better.

Your diet is the most important aspect of losing weight. The other aspect is the exercise. You can lose the weight without exercise, but exercise will speed up the process and it can even allow you to eat more and still lose weight. You can optimize your weight loss by combining both diet and exercise and lose weight even when your body is at rest.

Again though, most people are aware of the fact that diet and exercise are the keys to weight loss yet still don’t seem to want to lose the weight. It has to be up to you to take the initiative to want to change and actually make that change.

Mental Baggage Slows You Down

Mental baggage slows you down which you don’t really need to carry? You need to travel as lightly as you possibly can in order to make the better distance. Mental baggage will slow you down and prevent you from reaching your goals just the same as a heavy physical load.

I like to use the analogy of the jockey who guides a racehorse to victory as well as the soldier or hiker who has to carry a heavy backpack. They can’t make good time if they carry excess baggage and neither can you.

Now the thing that I am referring to here is mental baggage slows you down which you don’t really need to carry? You need to travel as lightly as you possibly can in order to make the better distance. that we are prone to carry. I’m talking about hurt feelings, anger, jealousy, worry etc. Carrying these things in your heart will do absolutely nothing to change your situation even if you were put in the situation by unfair treatment. For example, the businessman who has to file bankruptcy because his competition was able to get an illegal or unfair advantage over him won’t be able to deal with the situation by worrying about it. He will have to divorce his mind about the situation in order to concentrate on doing what he needs to do to break free.

Worry, will not help you. Worry won’t change the bad situation which is exactly the thing that you need to do. The time that you spend worrying is a time which would be better spent on applying a solution to your problem. The test of a real winner is the way that he or she responds to adversity. How do you respond? Do you allow the situation to overwhelm you and take away your effectiveness, or do you regroup and rebound?

Complications and negative emotions only cloud the mind and impair good judgment. Mental baggage slows you down which you don’t really need to carry? You need to keep your mind free in order to be ready to deal with the problems and issues that you face. Too many mental issues prevent you from focusing on the tasks at hand at the precise time that they need your undivided attention. You can sometimes afford to step back when things are going well but the time immediately following a catastrophe is the time that you need to be at your best.

I have quoted Evander Holyfield before but I once heard him make a statement which was so very profound to me. He was talking with a sportscaster immediately following a fight that he had won. During the fight, his opponent had hurt him badly and was pummeling him against the ropes. The sportscaster asked him if he was afraid of losing at that point to which Evander replied, I look at the times when I am hurt as an opportunity to excel. As I pondered this statement I understood exactly what he meant. This is the time when everyone else thinks that you should fold which makes it the best possible opportunity for a comeback. Evander was able to overcome the hurt, both mental and physical and focus on doing whatever he needed to do in order to win.

In order for you to come back from a loss, you must first divorce yourself from the negatives that are associated with the situation. Evander knew how to ignore the physical pain, fear, and fatigue that he must have felt to come back and win the fight.

You can do the same but you must learn how to move on from the negative circumstance. Take time to figure out exactly what you need to do in order to win. Break down your requirement into small easy tasks and do them one at a time. Focus on each task until you complete it and WIN!!!

Mental Skill Vs Physical Skill

Mental Skill Vs Physical Skill, you need both.

Image of two women exercising

Both body and mind are needed to carry out any given task in a fruitful manner. They should be taken care of by every conscious individual who wants to lead a meaningful life. Mental skill is very much needed to improve organizational expertize. But without taking care of the body we can not have a healthy mind. If the body becomes sick then mental energy will also erode, because the physical illness will affect us psychically. So our motto should be to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Body and mind should run parallel. They should be taken care of all the time. While maintaining external purity attention should also be given to improving internal purity. A pure mind and a chaste brain have tremendous capacity and can achieve many things.

Mental skill Vs physical skill where every organization, family, and society is very much essential. It is needed to deal with people and keep a good and long-lasting relationship with the customers. Mental expertise will help us to learn and know about the functioning of an organization and if we developmental skill we can have technical expertise. From the very beginning of our childhood, attention should be given to developing the mental skills of the students by developing various techniques. A student should be able to judge their minds and learn how to apply their mind in a fruitful endeavor to accomplish any task. By developing a well-devised methodology we can have tremendous mental skill. Once we acquire mental skill in all areas of life, most of our fatigue, tension, frustrations and despairs will be over and we will lead a happy and contented life.

Physical skill-We should also have physical skill. Simultaneously with the mental labor, we should be able to do physical labor like gardening, cooking, washing our clothes and decorating the house. This will enhance the relationship between husband and wife. We will also feel independent and more confident. This will satisfy us and we will feel mentally contented. In order to keep the body in perfect order daily exercise, yoga and morning walk are prescribed by various health experts. We should take advantage of those methods to stay healthy because a healthy body gives rise to a healthy mind.

Body and mind should run parallel…We should see that we are healthy both physically and mentally because both are needed to carry out a given task. Body and mind are related, one affects the other. So both should remain in perfect order so that we can enjoy the beauty of life. Remaining healthy both physically and mentally we will contribute more to our family, organization, and society. This will also keep us in harmony and in a pleasant mood always.

Developing mental skill; we can developmental skill by various methods. Mental meditation is the most suitable method for developmental skill. By repeating Lord’s name daily in the morning and evening over a considerable span of time many undesirable thoughts are flushed out from our mind and positive, vibrant and invigorating thoughts take their place energizing the mind. We become able to carry out our tasks without fatigue, tension, and boredom. There are many other methods by which we can developmental skill. By practicing pranayama, dynamic power breathing and crystal gazing we can acquire tremendous mental energy and acquire mental skills in all areas of life.

Developing physical skill-We can develop physical skill by daily exercise, yoga, morning walk, and gymnasium. We should take a good and nutritious diet suitable for our body. For this, we should refer books of great authors who have given expert advice on our food habits and we can maintain good physical health. We should be vegans in order to have a sound body and avoid spicy foods. We should increase the consumption of raw foods and various fruits. Our body is an instrument meant to do good works So misuse of sense organs will adversely affect your physical well being.

Going beyond body, mind, and intellect; we should go beyond the body and it’s various passions, mind and it’s lust, intellect and it’s restlessness. We should have perfect control over our body, mind, and intellect. We should not hear the unusual demand of our sense organs. We should go beyond and stay in a state of elevated consciousness so as to have full command over our external and internal activities. We should have a developed state of consciousness and always remaining in that state we can better judge ourselves and our activities and can have full command over our lives. Our life is in our hand. Going beyond body, mind, and intellect we can perfectly manage various aspects of life. We should also be able to think outside of the box.

Meditation and exercise; these two are the most powerful tools to keep ourselves healthy both mentally and physically. By constant practice of meditation, we can develop tremendous powers of concentration which is the most powerful weapon to have a vibrant mental skill. Moreover, we can make our mind one-pointed and focused. When all the rays of mind are focused on a given task the mind ignites and we become able to achieve that task within no time. We can take the example of sunrays. When the sun rays are passed through a convex lens they are converged to a point and can burn anything that falls in front of them. Such is the power of a concentrated and focused mind. Through daily doses of exercise, we can have a perfect body and our mind will also remain alert. By walking a mile or two in the first rays of the sun in the morning we can have a perfect breathing. We will breathe clean air outside. This will keep us healthy both physically and mentally.

Application of mind and body-We should develop a healthy body and mind and should apply them in carrying out our given tasks. We should apply our healthy body and a healthy mind in fruitful works so that we can have a meaningful life.

Conservation of energy-We should conserve our physical and mental energy. We should not allow our mind to run after baseless thoughts. We should fill it with positive vibrations from the universe and should not allow it to run after mundane things. We should also restrain our body from indulgence in excessive sensual pleasures and unfruitful works.

Both our body and mind are necessary to keep us always in a state of harmony and in perfect union with the universal forces. So we should have a sound body and mind to acquire physical and mental skills respectively. Then we can remain in perfect tune with the universal forces and can achieve our dreams and reach our goals soon.

Factors Affecting Mental Health

Mental Health
Image of a man speaking to people
by MDGovpics

Factors affecting mental health must really be watched for intensely and it should be taken cared of completely. If you want to avoid mental health problems from occurring, it is important that you know the factors that can lead to it. Here are some of the factors:

Abuse or violence: Abuse or violence is among the most severe elements that really have an effect on psychological health. Abused people usually tend to experience some psychological issues or mental illnesses. Abuse might vary. It can be physical, psychological or sexual abuse. These sorts of violence are probably not that evident in only one look. Unlike for physical abuse, this can be easily recognized.

Factors affecting mental health like experiencing abuse or violence can greatly lower one’s self-esteem and self-confidence. It can also cause severe depression and anger as well. This will hinder an individual’s happy life, thus making it more miserable. This will later result in mental deficiencies in the future.

Image of a man with a black T-shirt about mental health.

Broken family: When you belong to a broken family, it can greatly affect your mental health. Broken family comes in a form of separation or divorce between parents. It can also be through a death of a parent or any family member. This situation can be very devastating and frustrating. Anyone who might experience this kind of situation will undergo severe depression and loneliness.

When these feelings are extraordinarily acknowledged in an individual’s life, it may definitely trigger some psychological disturbances or mental illnesses. It is necessary that you know how to cope with this kind of situation. When you can’t overcome this sure state of affairs in your life, then there are perhaps nice tendencies of some mental well-being problems.

Illness condition: Sadly, there are additionally some disease conditions that can badly affect a person’s mental health. You may expertise brain accidents due to some accidents, or brain damage attributable to some diseases. You may also expertise psychological disturbances on account of drug abuse or drug habit as well. These experiences can enormously have an effect on the mind and may really outcome to some psychological adjustments or worse, mental illnesses. You see, there are so many elements that may vastly have an effect on psychological health. If you wish to avoid this stuff from taking place, contemplate these components talked about above and have a wholesome life.

A Guide to Mental Health Services

Do you ever feel you need some sort of help but are not sure what exactly it is check the guide to mental health services. Asking for help is never really an easy task for most of the individuals, but it is the best you can do when you think you need help. People who have doubts related to mental health services can always get in contact with the local mental health centers and can obtain the required information. You can know about the various services designed for people with mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, phobias, schizophrenia, etc.

Defining mental health is never easy, rather it is easy to define what mental illness is. If you are wondering what exactly is the kind of treatment you will get in a mental health center, then there are a lot of kinds of treatments. Guide to mental health services; professionals at these centers work with individuals and determine the best needs for them. Depending on the type of illness, treatment or psychotherapy with medication is recommended. If you are in doubt that you need external help, then either you can have a straight talk with a medical counselor or if you prefer to find out on your own, they use internet. Go online and you can find information related to almost all the disorders explained in detail along with the symptoms. Once you confirm whether you are suffering from a disorder, you can then find a therapist or a counselor and seek consultation.

Therapy for emotional and mental problems may or may not always produce results. It is mostly interdependent on the honesty with which an individual shares his or her concerns with the therapist. Hence, it is always best to establish a trusted relationship with the therapist. Mental health services cater to all kind of age groups right from children to old people.

There are a few warning signals that an individual needs to watch out for. If certain behaviors become severe or persistent those are the signs of trouble. Keep an eye open and observe if an individual is acting differently than usually and try to relate that change to any incident that occurred in the recent past such as loosing a job, death of someone close, marital break up, etc. If any individual complains of uncontrollable or extreme nervousness or anxiety, it may be a sign. Observe if any individual turns aggressive or rude even for a small action, if he or she does this quite often, then they may need help. If any of the above mentioned symptoms persist for a period of time, then that particular individual requires professional help.

The basic goals of the treatments are to decrease the symptoms related to the disorders and bringing an improvement in the patient’s life. With the importance of the guide to mental health services being brought to light, many individuals can gain benefit. The more awareness is created among the people the more they can protect themselves or can diagnose any disorders they may be suffering from and can get the required treatments.

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After a year grieving the loss of my best friend, I wanted to reflect on the really tough issues that are mental illness, suicide, and grief. Especially given that 13 Reasons Why has been popular lately, I wanted to share my personal story and why I really disagree with a lot of the messages presented in that series.

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
In the case of an emergency, call 911

Can Sleep Disorder Affect Your Mental Health?

Can Sleep Disorder Affect Your Mental Health? What are the common sleep disorders?
Work at night – your biological clock gets disturbed if you remain awake at night due to work. In case you have sleep disorders you cannot breathe properly thereby causing the oxygen levels in your blood to drop.

Medications – some medicines like antidepressants can cause sleep disorders. Your mental health is not a good shape if you don’t have a good night sleep.

What are the causes of sleep disorder?

Sleep disorders can happen due number of causes. These sensations can be aches, burning, or sometimes you feel as if bugs are crawling over your legs. Lifestyle changes, breathing devices and/or surgery are the other forms treatments for sleep disorders. Restless legs syndrome – in this disorder you feel some sensations in your legs. Sleeplessness can become the cause for high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and a number of other serious health complications including hypertension, diabetes etc.

Can sleep disorder affect your mental health? There are people who even after trying hard do not get sufficient and good sleep. It seems that the more one tries the more awake one is.

Insomnia – insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders that does not allow you to have a good amount of sleep, your body and mind do not feel rested.

There are following risks of sleep disorders

If you do not have proper sleep at night you cannot remain in a proper state of mental health. For severe sleep disorders you may need even surgery to widen your breathing passage.

Sleep paralysis – if you have sleep paralysis you are not able to move while changing over yourself from sleep phase to the wakefulness phase. As a result your personal life and work become the causality. You may feel sleepy but you cannot sleep because of your work. This affects your physical as well as your mental health.

What are the dangers of sleep disorders?

Most importantly a change in your lifestyle can help you overcome sleep disorders to a large extent and keep your mental health in good form. Sleep disorder is a condition when you find it extremely difficult to fall asleep or when your rhythm of sleep or getting up early in the morning is disturbed.

Parasominias – in this sleep disorder you may exhibit symptoms of being both asleep and awake at the same time. The death rate of the people having sleep disorders is higher than those of having adequate good quality of sleep. What are the symptoms of sleep disorders?

They include: Stress – stress is one of the most common causes of sleep disorders. This causes digestive, emotional and mental health problems. If you have sleep apnea (sudden cessation of respiration while in sleep) you suddenly stop breathing for a while.

If you suffer from sleep disorders you are most likely to meet an accident while driving. As a result of this medical disorder your mental health also suffers. Breathing devices and mouthpieces (oral appliances) can treat cases of mild or moderate sleep disorders only.

Diet – junk food, caffeine, alcohol are some of the other causes of sleep disorders. Morning headaches, irritation, depression, learning or memory problems, feeling sleepy all the time during the day are some of the other symptoms of sleep disorders. When your body does not get adequate good quality sleep you may be suffering from a medical disorder known as sleep disorder. Treatment of sleep disorders there are no medications to treat the sleep disorders.

There are many types of sleep disorders, some of the most common are:

Snoring and sleep apnea – snoring may not seem to cause any direct danger to your health but because of snoring you cannot keep your throat open while sleeping. Illness – there are some illnesses like headache, backaches etc. Many psychological and physiological conditions are responsible for disruption in sleep. Loud and chronic snoring is one of the most common causes of sleep disorders.

How Can Schizophrenia Affect the Mental Health of a Person?

How can schizophrenia affect the mental health of a person? Everyone responds differently to these anti-psychotic drugs and hence sometimes, several drugs and variations have to be tried to finally get the right one. Excessive production or modest production neurotransmitter, may account for the series of mental health issues, including schizophrenia.

How is Schizophrenia treated?

Medication: While putting the patients on medication greatly reduces the symptoms of Schizophrenia and to a huge extents helps restore their lives to normal, but these drugs do not completely cure them.

Image of a report on infant Psychology

What are the symptoms of Schizophrenia?

Psychotic symptoms and mental health problems usually arise in men in their late teens or at the beginning of their 20’s.The most prominent signs in youngsters can be related to their lack of sleep, fall in grades or even changing of friends.

Psychotherapy: Counseling and therapy help the patients undergoing mental health problems to understand their disorder in a better manner. Some of the most commonly used drugs include chlorpromazine, haloperidol, perphenazine, and fluphenazine.

An individual with schizophrenic relatives is ten times more susceptible to develop schizophrenia as somebody who has no history of the disorder in the family.

Heredity: Investigations show that this state tends to run in families. This will prevent the patient to cause harm, either to themselves or to others. People suffering from Schizophrenia become fearful and withdrawn because they may hear voices of people (who might not even exist), or they may believe that people are plotting against them etc.

Viral Infection:

How can schizophrenia affect the mental health of a person? Some scientists believe that schizophrenia is caused by a virus which attacks the brain. Mental Health – Symptoms and Treatment of Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder which causes a person suffering from it to lose touch with reality.

When do people get Schizophrenia?

Neurotransmitters produce chemicals that transport electrical messages between nerve cells. This disorder causes imbalance of mental health in the patient, resulting in emotional instability and violent behavior.

Severe Symptoms: Correspond to a loss or a decline in the capability to commence with plans, speak, put across emotion, or find joy in everyday life.

Extreme Symptoms:

Refer to problems with attention, memory problems, and the executive functions that permit us to plan and organize. Hospitalization: In the initial stages, where the patient’s mental health is delicate, it’s essential to hospitalize them. Extreme symptoms can also be difficult to identify as part of the disorder but are the most disabling in terms of leading a regular life.

Damage to this particular part of the brain may result in the person becoming delusional. These symptoms are noticeable in women during their mid 20’s or early 30’s.This virus is thought to assail the part of the brain that translates messages from the senses.

What are the likely causes of Schizophrenia?

Patients may be kept under watch until their treatment begins. The symptoms of this mental health disorder are classified into 3 categories:

Mild symptoms:

Mild Symptoms are mostly deal with abnormal thoughts or perceptions, including contemplation disorder, hallucinations and disorders of movement. Schizophrenia rarely occurs after 45 years of age or before the onset of puberty.

Chemical Imbalance: Schizophrenia is caused by a disparity of neurotransmitters in the brain. These thoughts make it difficult for these patients to trust anyone and in turn to have any relationships with others. People suffering from Schizophrenia have to cooperate and work with their doctors in order to find the right medication and dosage with minimum side effects to suit their needs.

Using therapy patients can be made to cope with their daily routines, interacting with people etc. Family support is also helps to a great extent for the recovery and healing of the patient. Since the causes of Schizophrenia are not very clear and the level to which they affect an individual may vary, treatment procedures are decided based on the patient’s condition. These symptoms are difficult to identify as part of the disorder and can be mistaken for lethargy or depression.

The Doctor’s Advice On Mental Health

The doctor’s advice on mental health; throughout the years in my medical practice regarding to overall health, I have noticed that people will immediately think of their physical body. Often times they will make the mistake of thinking that a perfect physical body is all that is needed. Although it is true that being physically healthy can impact a person’s mental state in a positive way, there are people out there who suffer from poor mental health. The fact of the matter is that the mental welfare is just as important as physical health.

Good mental health is extremely important if you want to stay as healthy as possible. However, if you believe that you are suffering from some depression and tend to feel unhappy or sad most of the time, there are some things you can do in order to improve your level. The first and by far most important thing I can stress is the need to get enough sleep. It can never be stressed enough that the average person does not get enough sleep. This constant lack of sleep can lead to fatigue and random emotional behaviors.

Eating well also tends to play a major role. If your body is not getting the right vitamins and other nutrients it needs, your mental health can be negatively affected. Exercising can also prove helpful. Now, I do not mean for you to go out and work yourself until you are unconscious. I mean just little things like using stairs instead of elevators, or taking a relaxing bike ride outdoors, or even a nice relaxing swim.

The doctor’s advice on mental health; believe it or not, there are many people who have a difficult time improving their mental status. Even with the suggestions I have given above, there are still different problems that need to be addressed. There is the basic possibility that your poor mental health is caused by something from the past or even a bad relationship that you are involved with. As a medical physician, I would suggest that you seek professional help from a licensed therapist.

Overall, I would suggest that you do more of your own research into mental health concerns rather than only have the doctor’s advice on mental health and decide what might work best for your situation. Many people I have consulted with loved their sessions with their therapists. They tell me that it really gives them “piece of mind” knowing that they can talk to someone and “vent” their angers and frustrations. If you keep your emotions bottled up inside, at some point, thing will erupt like a volcano and seriously damage your mental well being. If you are having these issues, seek help from a professional and take things from there. Always remember that mental and physical aspects go together hand in hand.

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