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GMO versus Organic Food

GMO versus Organic Food

GMO versus Organic Food

GMO (genetically customized organisms) is not the like non-organic. This video describes the distinction.



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Mrssea SeaPosted on  10:22 pm - Nov 18, 2018

first thank you……second if it came from my garden it’s organic!

Later AlicePosted on  11:09 pm - Nov 18, 2018

While I mostly eat much better than the majority of Americans… it doesn't count if I'm eating a bunch
of toxic fruits and vegetables either from genetic modification and/or pesticides that are sprayed on what I do eat.

I'm 33, my body is "dis"eased from all of these crazy external factors! I had my BIG AWAKENING this week. I can no longer continue to live like this! I'm going to start using local organic farming co-ops to get my food. I'll bet I can reverse the damage multiple sclerosis has caused by eating an only organic, non gmo mostly raw plant based diet!
I never knew about canola oil being a gmo culprit!! I thought it was the next healthiest thing to olive oil! Thank you again dude!

Later AlicePosted on  12:07 am - Nov 19, 2018

Thank you for clearing up all of this!

ProjectE90Posted on  12:43 am - Nov 19, 2018

GREAT info my friend. Thank you for tgis

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