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Divide and Conquer or Unite and Triumph

Divide and Conquer or Unite and Triumph

Conquer and divide or Unite and Triumph; 2 heads might be much better than one, however not if they slam versus each other. The human types is pitted versus itself and versus its own informed self interest at the dawn of this intense New Millennium. The unexamined human mind is likewise divided and fractured, its possible as yet unrealised.

Many of the world is blatantly lorded over by racist totalitarians and fossilised dynasties. Where you see any single household holding several positions of power you’re looking at gangsters in operation, running a parasitic kleptocracy.

Autocrats utilize bigotry as the primal wedge to require populations apart, in order to divide and dominate all comers. Every other antagonistic ‘ism’ is another variation of a single primitive worry– the worry of the other and of the unidentified, embodied in bigotry and validated by faith and patriotism.

The so-called ‘totally free world’ seems caught in an impression of democracy that provides power into the hands of precisely the exact same classes of average incompetents and all too effective control freaks – who likewise think they’re born to rule and scam over everybody else.

Conquer and divide or Unite and Triumph; while life and liberty are considerably more safe under a thoughtful and quickly acting guideline of law than under the impulses of naturally outrageous harsh overseers, no country in the world can truthfully boast it has an entirely complimentary, independent, effective or incorruptible legal system– not to mention a totally free one. All democracies deal with comparable obstacles.

Under the easy U.N. meaning of a democracy– a country that has actually offered the vote to all its adult people for a generation or more– extremely couple of nations determine up. Even the United States just certified as a democracy after completion of the Cold War – twenty-five years after it lastly provided the vote to African Americans in all southern states in the mid-sixties.

More than one in a hundred United States residents are presently put behind bars in a quickly broadening privatised chastening system – a greater percentage than any other nation. He consisted of the flexibility from desire as one of the important 4 liberties that America embodied, in his nearly generally accepted vision of the American Dream.

There is no complimentary nation on world Earth– yet– however we can make one! We have to take apart all the incorrect departments that separate us into illusory completing groups, which cake our shared blood into incorrect concepts of states, countries and races. To do this we need to see that our emperors have no clothing other than those we select– or are persuaded– to provide.

If you desire total control over the human types the earliest technique in the book is to divide the having a hard time primates into synthetic nations and illusory countries, to pit parochial people versus other neighboring know nothings. Have a look at Iraq, for example– a nation that was actually developed wholesale by dominating Western interests early last century. It was developed with purposeful, quickly exploitable faults and fractures so that racist warmongers might keep the area’s resources– consisting of energy products – and keep control of a crucial tactical passage, with a traditional relocation in what was generally understood in Imperial times as the ‘Great Game’.

The truth that Iraq’s synthetically developed borders consisted of equally antagonistic groups who had actually never ever been able to live together quietly was a significant perk for the dominating crusaders – a purposeful tactic of the Western Powers that’s been commonly utilized throughout history. The now mostly forgotten Iraqi transformation momentarily released its individuals from the yoke of Imperialistic injustice, however integrated internal departments, exploitative neighbours and imperialist retaliation reversed the fledgling country stunningly.

The Americans found out the strategy of divide and dominate from the English, who got the technique from the Roman Empire. The method is much older than Rome, coming from primate brother or sister competition and unexamined, culturally entrained competitive behaviour. ‘Division’ is an ancient technique of the magnificent gods who rule over mortals– the word ‘divide’, ‘divine’ and ‘devil’ all spring from the exact same root of the Tree of Knowledge of Life and Death, in case you’re interested in that sort of thing.

A lot of self-professed democratic countries actually labour under the impression that they have liberty of option– when they just have 2 almost similar thumb-twiddling, tweedle-dumber political celebrations to pick in between. Federal governments are primarily consisted of old males damaged by power and worry, and officious Oppositions normally just serve to oppose– they rarely contribute anything significant or brand-new to a rigged argument.

When you just need to pay off, co-opt a handful and persuade of figures in Cabinet and Opposition you have little to fear from the numerous countless topics who think their vote indicates something. Unless you really understand a political leader thoroughly and personally– understand them all right to be definitely particular they’re inspired and truthful entirely by the finest perfects – just brand-new faces in politics can be relied on at all; you can more quickly see their responses to the strings trying to pull them.

Some members of the tyranny of despots wish to be great shepherds rather of clever predators, and some are working to remold the world into a more magnificent image than their devolutionary fellows– however to work out power over others is a naturally corrupting Faustian activity.

Under these scenarios your vote can just suggest something if you do not vote for either of the 2 options that have an opportunity of winning! If you have no option however to vote for a celebration, then vote for a 3rd force that might hold the balance of power without being currently damaged by it.

‘ Feudal’;.

Liberty Exits Under Dominator’s Adversarial Laws.

The very effective however basic technique of duopoly politics holds the world in thrall to a basically feudal hive structure of remote masters, administrative guvs and employees who leap for carrots and wince from sticks.

Democracy is even more than the sham of celebration politics, and genuine democracy is strangled to death by fat felines delighting in pricey personal celebrations held at everybody else’s cost– poor celebrations with tinny music, uninteresting speeches and dull outfits– cringe-worthy celebrations which are no enjoyable at all. Genuine democracy needs that individuals can choose agents who will represent them– not some other specific, group or celebration.

In the recently emerging interconnected age of dispersed networks, we can each end up being a sovereign of our own real estate– our bodies– and all have a really equivalent say and vote in where our types is headed. People might merely vote for concerns and cut out the intermediary political leaders totally!

Prior to we can rely on bulks with supreme – if democratic – power over minorities who might be really various from them, we have a plethora of problems to remedy and resolve. A reasonable international structure currently exists to safeguard us all from our own possible mistakes, one which offers a practically widely validated Bill of Rights covering every kid, female and guy on Earth.

The numerous U.N. treaties concerning all sorts of rights have actually been put together under an appropriate umbrella of universal security called the International Bill of Rights. It currently forms the basis for numerous domestic laws that different countries have actually embraced under its short articles– however possibilities are that as a simple resident you’ve been kept totally in the dark regarding the real factors behind your specific federal government’s obvious knowledge and largesse.

The International Bill of Rights is quickly accessed through United Nations sites and is quickly absorbed; see if you can discover anything in it with which you disagree. It’s most likely that the large bulk of people on the world will have no issues with its meanings of flexibilities and rights, however there are lots of other concerns to deal with if worldwide electronic democracy is to end up being a truth– for circumstances, discovering a method to suppress the power of developers and technocrats, and the powers of our quickly managed, censorable and absolutely coercible mass media.

We need to make an end to war. Producing peace includes developing an area without suffering or violence. If we wish to end war an excellent location to begin– if you’re severe about altering your mindsets however can’t desert or completely modify your present life– is at the kindergarten level of competitive training for violent fight and war; sport.

Competitive sports train the innocent for war. That’s the entire point behind motivating the ‘masses’ to barrack and back for tribalistic, totemically distinguished groups, folks; it teaches that life, war relationship, love and politics can all be handled utilizing the very same brainless reflexive win-lose principles and streamlines whatever to a quickly divisible level. Sport and war decrease the plethora to raise the prideful.

, if you desire to alter your world stop paying any attention to the silly duopolistic interruptions of competitive sport and celebration politics.. Numerous will rebel at this– that’s the entire point. A lot of present day politics, financing, pieces and wars are similarly delusory diversions, keeping your eyes off the reward and your mind off the primary video game by shutting off your mind.

All issues with our mindful choice making procedures originate from the self-same source, whether they be cumulative or private.

We need to comprehend where this worldwide split character develops from; it originates from within each people. The adversarial structures of our systems of law and federal government develop from minds that constantly argue with themselves and never ever understand peace or inner silence.

This is not simply an effect of the bicameral– twin chambered– nature of our split brain structure– it’s an outcome of a planetary shockwave that impacted all of us in prehistory, leading to our specific and cumulative failure to recuperate from a blow to the head provided concurrently to the whole types. The Earth was struck by an enormous interplanetary discharge– a planet-wide electrical shock felt by all, in the middle of a worldwide disaster that threatened to extinguish our types.

Keep in mind the ancient Babylonian (Iraqi) story of the ‘Tower of Babel’ and mankind’s cleavage into diverse people and countries who could all of a sudden no longer comprehend each other? It’s useful to keep in mind that the chroniclers of this pre-Biblical story averred that the sky god ruined the tower to divide Humanity and therefore render us helpless – due to the fact that we were starting to match the divine beings themselves. *.

We have little understanding of what capabilities we’ve lost as a types– like lots of victims of electro-shock treatment, we are affected with partial amnesia. Suffice to state that when upon a time we might all ‘hear’ on more than one level … whether we keep in mind or think it or not– which capability and numerous others are well within our reach and grasp. When you begin to alter yourself the much easier it will be, the more youthful you are.

Up until both hemispheres of our brains can run together in a well balanced synergy – which can just emerge from the recovery light of clear self-examination and cautious tuning – our star-spanning minds are decreased to an argumentative, scrambling discussion in between 2 or more similarly half-blinded and paralyzed parts. When we end up being internally combined and completely incorporated we have the capability to tune in with– and on – anything and anybody, anywhere and anytime; and self-styled gods of all stripes and creeds discover the concept of such a self-aware Humanity repulsive; it renders us unbindably and abominably unmanageable totally free.

The practically universal psychological imbalance arising from this absence of internal attunement is the origin of all obvious departments and incorrect dichotomies that surround us. When all insane concepts of aloneness and competitors are cast aside, our brains are instruments that need tuning– and consistency is just possible.

When we open ALL our eyes we can quickly see that dispute isn’t needed to reach the reality, and argument isn’t needed to reach generally acceptable and quickly possible objectives. It’s simple to see that everyone are one being looking through the stellar eyes of a wide range – and to understand that death is difficult.

The world is constantly waiting for you to reemerge from the pleasure of the light imbued with immanent innocence; the universe is alive, and reacts to your inner sense. The universe is a co-creation and it takes all kinds to make a world. Altering the world suggests altering your mind and your life; the devil lies in the information you gradually shed with your old disposed of skin.

The Entire Holy Hologram.

If you desire to alter your world, the only location to begin is within yourself. It needs deserting the incorrect concepts of notional countries, different races, remarkable spiritual superstitious notions and parted politics. It’s simple to acknowledge the all-powerful unity that lies within our large variety of beliefs, point of views and cultures when you stop determining with specific distinctive portions and factions.

The genuine Great Game is the Royal Maze of the Mind that results in knowledge. Eviction to the core of the labyrinth lives at the core of your brain, in the main area in between and behind your eyes and in between your ears, listed below the crown of your head. If you find yourself there– today– and see the world from the point of view of the centre of your own head, you’ll see your view broaden from a narrow tunnel to a large area that integrates whatever in your field of vision.

We’re primates residing in a planetary tree that’s scarred with the graffito of our enthusiasms– dislikes and likes born of our illusory worry of death and separation, which force us to make our mark on the world. We can do much better than just making marks and leaving scars.

All we need to look beyond the surface area distinctions that camouflage our identically innocent spirits and sensible ancient souls. , if we desire to begin making a paradise world out of this industrialised wasteland we have to acknowledge where the primal split in our types actually lies.. The very first illusory department in our types – and the ugly outcome of our continuous inner diversions and synthetically contrived departments – is the sustaining armed truce in the meaningless, eventually unsurvivable fight of the sexes.

When peace is made in between female and guy the world can flower into a garden paradise suitable for kids. When our obvious distinctions are identified for what they are– interlocking and interlinked survival methods created for life and awareness to broaden on the drifting crust of a chaotically adjustable ball of hot mud circling around a blazing electrical fireball– we can commemorate the present of the interlocking jigsaw puzzles that our people and bodies actually are.

We can find out that our species-split sexuality is a strategy of regrowth and change on a worldwide and specific scale– we’re not simply a tools utilized by a lot of genes for their own survival, however co-creators, enthusiasts and buddies. We can discover to manage our own fertility at will and lovemaking can keep us flexible and young, and be a website to greater awareness and the capabilities it offers.

The methods are astonishingly still readily available, regardless of being long reduced by stiff prudes worshipping the very same incorrect faiths that burned Giordano Bruno at the stake– in addition to numerous countless sensible females and males– and which still stone females to death for being outdoors alone, or refuse to permit their sheeple to utilize contraceptives.

The location to make world peace genuine remains in the still core of your mind and the still, pure heat in the core of your heart. The method to recover yourself and the world is to still your mind and have sex– genuine, real, non-possessive plentiful love– and as the hippies stated, if you can’t be with the one you enjoy then enjoy the one you’re with.

It’s an unclean task, however somebody needs to do it – it may also be you. Have sex, not war; when we discover to accept each other and interact life is no longer a task or task, however a work of divinely motivated Art. When we open our eyes in the brand-new fresh dawn of sensuously logical joy we discover we do not need to climb up out of the purblind pit of incorrect dogma and censored history– we’re currently totally free in a brave brand-new world.

Tune in! Decide out of the system that’s ruining your world and do something else!

There is no complimentary nation on world Earth– yet– however we can make one! We have to make an end to war. The universe is a co-creation and it takes all kinds to make a world. If we desire to begin making a paradise world out of this industrialised wasteland we have to acknowledge where the primal split in our types truly lies. Make love, not war; when we discover to accept each other and work together life is no longer a task or task, however a work of divinely influenced Art.


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