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Design A Personal Training Program

Design A Personal Training Program

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Strength Coach Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS, FMS, CISSN has over 15 years of training experience that can likewise create an individual training program. Brian reveals you step by action how to develop an individual training program for any customer at any ability level.

By the method, Brian is more than your typical individual fitness instructor that can develop an individual training program … in truth he actually ISN’T an individual fitness instructor at all. He’s a strength coach.
He finished college with a Masters degree in workout science and got his accreditation with the NSCA as a licensed strength and conditioning expert … observe it states strength coach and not an individual fitness instructor. He is ALL about human efficiency and gladly shares his insights and proficiency to assist any fitness instructor over the world develop the best PT session for their customer.

Personal Training Workouts – Beginner to Advanced Training

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Strength Coach Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS, FMS, CISSN has over 15 years of training experience that can likewise create an individual training program. Brian reveals you step by action how to create an individual training program for any customer at any ability level. Eventually the objective for ANY individual fitness instructor or strength coach is to advise a quality exercise that fulfills the objectives of his or her customer.


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Gary LyallPosted on  10:01 pm - Nov 20, 2018

Hi there, when designing for reps and sets, for example doing 12 reps of 3 sets. Should that be based on the 12 rep max and so on. Thanks

Shreya patelPosted on  10:21 pm - Nov 20, 2018

I am so impressed from your video, but I want to learn more from you, like one to one personal training with clinets. If you can help that would be great.

Charis ReyPosted on  10:42 pm - Nov 20, 2018

I am a personal trainer for the past 15yrs and my specialty is really understanding what clients need out of their workouts each time we get together. I've never made a specific program for anyone because my instincts have been very good. I have always done an assessment first and as you said in your video, things are constantly changing. What I would like to know is what do you use to keep the assessments and workouts? Do you have an app or templet you prefer? Im just starting an online business and have to keep a more detailed program for my old and new clients. Appreciate any advice you might have! Really enjoy your videos, super informative! Thanks! : )

ellohihiPosted on  11:32 pm - Nov 20, 2018

can you come out with any more of these videos?

Bryce WishonPosted on  12:25 am - Nov 21, 2018

I think you presented a good overall programming method. The question I have relates to designing each workout within the program. A trainer will not have time to sit down and write out every exercise for every session for every client, at least once the clientele begins to grow. What can be done to spend less time planning the workouts? And also, what's a good resource to use for designing programs/workouts? Too often, I find my self sitting down and waiting for the workouts/exercises within them to magically pop into my head so I can write it out.

Aaron VallierPosted on  1:10 am - Nov 21, 2018

I am a NASM-CPT, CES, Trainer with about 5 years of training under my belt. I know you explained how you gained an understanding of the assessment and program design process from all your experience and schooling. Can you explained how you possibly assess and train a client with in only a 30-60 minute window. I truly support what you said about a good trainer will not simply just throw a client into a workout. I know from experience that I can not sleep well with out knowing the biomechanics, functional anatomy, and tendencies of a client. This is very hard for me to do with out working myself to death. I find it interesting but hard because there is so much to know about what each client pacifically requires to be the best they can be. FMS, is something I've learned and used before. Is there a certain list of assessments that are not just as obvious as a overhead squat assessment, that you have learned to be effective and quicker at helping you obtain crucial information on a client. As someone who survives off this trade I'm trying to find as many ways to become more efficient and productive all on a small time frame while still appealing to each client so that I can retain them every week, month, and year. Any thoughts?

Jan ElspermanPosted on  1:48 am - Nov 21, 2018

Have you ever designed your programs where you start with stability exercises and then move into compound movements afterwards?

Stefan TrevorPosted on  2:38 am - Nov 21, 2018

Thx good vid of what to consider in creating ur prog for client.

Adam WilliamsPosted on  3:30 am - Nov 21, 2018

Hey coach brian I’m in the process of getting my certification, if you could please email in regards to some questions and concerns I have that would be great. My email is [email protected]gmail.com thanks again

Tavaughan PlummerPosted on  3:55 am - Nov 21, 2018

can you make a video explaining sets and reps in relation to an individual looking to make muscle strength and or endurance gains? Thanks

Oscar PenalozaPosted on  4:53 am - Nov 21, 2018

I'm 18 and I'm doing my certification to be a personal trainer and designing programs is something that has been on my mind for the future like how will I know what to do and implement in the exercises. What tips do you have for someone who is barely starting and is fairly new to this?

Everyday DomPosted on  4:53 am - Nov 21, 2018

Is there a reason why the program design doesn't cover any type of cardio workout if the client's goal is for weight loss? or does it vary within each workout session?

Naushaba SaleemPosted on  5:38 am - Nov 21, 2018

Good information. Really very helpful. Thanks a lot.

Afrika BruintjiesPosted on  6:19 am - Nov 21, 2018

Goodday coach ..your advice on training athletes ..what types of training should i give them other than plyo?

Hunter SipesPosted on  6:20 am - Nov 21, 2018

Do you have a video or template for putting together a strong client assessment?

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