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Nice Organic Food photos

Chicken walking free on the padock.

Nice Organic Food photos

organic food
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2. The Daily Food and Drink
Tell Me: Is there anything that God does, regardless of whether it is a big thing or a small thing, that has no value or meaning? Everything He does has value and meaning. Let’s discuss this from a question people often talk about: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? How do you answer this? The chicken came first, that’s for sure! Why did the chicken come first? Why couldn’t the egg have come first? Doesn’t the chicken hatch from the egg? Eggs hatch chickens, chickens incubate eggs. After incubating the egg for 21 days, the chicken hatches. That chicken then lays eggs, and chickens again hatch from the eggs. So did the chicken or the egg come first? (The chicken.) You answer “chicken” with certainty. Why is that so? (The Bible says God created birds and beasts.) That is based on the Bible. I want you to talk about your own knowledge to see if you have any actual knowledge of God’s actions. Are you sure about your answer or not? (Because all things created by God reinforce and restrain each other, and mutually depend on each other. God created the chicken, which can lay eggs, and the hen needs to incubate the eggs. There is such a need and practicality.) Some brothers and sisters laughed. Why don’t you talk about it? (God created the chicken, then gave it the ability to reproduce life.) What ability? (The ability to incubate eggs, and the ability to make life continue on.) Mm, this explanation is about right. Do any other brothers or sisters have an opinion? Freely speak up and communicate. This is the house of God. It’s the church. If you have something to say, say it. (This is what I think: God created all things, and everything He created is good and perfect. The chicken is an organic creature and has the functions of breeding and incubating eggs. This is perfect. Therefore, the chicken came first, and then the egg. That’s the order.) (First the chicken, and then the egg.) This is certain. It’s not a very profound mystery, but people of the world see it as very profound and use philosophy for their reasoning. In the end, they still don’t have a conclusion. This thing is akin to man not knowing that he was created by God. Man does not know this principle, and they also aren’t clear on whether the egg or the chicken should come first. They don’t know what should come first, so they’re always unable to find the answer. Then tell Me: Should the chicken or the egg have come first? It is very normal that the chicken came first. If the egg came before the chicken, then that would be abnormal! The chicken definitely came first. This is such a simple thing. It doesn’t require you to be very knowledgeable. God created all of this. His initial intention was for man to enjoy it. Once there’s the chicken the egg comes naturally. Isn’t that obvious? If the egg was created first, wouldn’t it still need the chicken to incubate it? Creating the chicken directly is so much easier. So God created the chicken directly, and the chicken could lay eggs and also incubate the baby chicks, while man could eat chicken too. Isn’t that so convenient? The way God does things is succinct and not cumbersome. The egg also has an ancestor, and that’s the chicken. What God created was a living thing! Corrupted mankind really is absurd and ridiculous, always getting entangled in these simple things, and in the end even coming up with a whole bunch of absurd fallacies. So childish! The relationship between the egg and the chicken is clear: The chicken came first. That’s the most correct explanation, the most correct way to understand it, and the most correct answer. This is right.


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