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Conspiracy Theories and Psychological Phenomena – Mental Health at a Cross Roads

 If you are like me, many of them sounds plausible, that is to say they are “plausibly deniable” and if you really stop and think about it there is probably nothing to it, but there’s always that big question;

“What If?”

And so, it’s okay to be thinking there if you are thinking in a science fiction mode, or a fictional detective thought process, but just make sure to eat fish and get your Omega-3 intake, so you don’t turn into a lunatic conspiracy theorist on me. Not long ago. I was talking to someone who is quite the conspiracy theorist, and it is fun to discuss the “what if’s” with him, but being levelheaded myself; he asked me;

“Do I just shut up, quit with the conspiracy theory crap, and pretend everything is going to be wonderful?”

And therefore I told him; “Yes, it is probably better if you do, as folks that run-away with such things only feed the crazies who make things worse, and the radical nature of the human mind.” Further, I recommended that he studied Occam’s razor, because 90% of the time it usually comes up with the right answer.

And the rest of the 10%, perhaps you might question from time to time, but you shouldn’t run away with the first conspiracy theory you come across. Or you are liable to fall for a cult, some new religion, or get into a challenging mental health situation. Indeed, hope you will please consider this.

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My purpose is to inspire and educate generations. In the process of educating others I normally research and find things that can help people live longer and better lives.Over 250 million Americans talk on their cell phones daily. It is something we take for granted. We presume that they’re safe or they wouldn’t be so widely sold.


Aging can sometimes be a factor where we are hindered to do a lot of things. That is such an agonizing fact because it is for our protection. This dehydration is also encountered by most athletes like wrestler or boxer. But in such cases of a boxer, they tend to be dehydrate so that they will loose weight quickly before the event happen.


Colors also have a psychological influence on us, if a specific color is associated with a painful or traumatic event in our life it is suggested that every time we see this specific color we will be reminded of this event. The last computer you bought came installed with its own operating system.


It is really exciting to travel from one place to another. You get to see a lot of places and attractions that you will surely appreciate for the rest of your life. Pertaining to Potassium For most people, maintaining healthy potassium levels is easy, and only requires a diet of potassium rich foods.


Using a good antiseptic solution can help prevent a minor cut from turning into an infected nightmare. Once the protective barrier of skin has been opened, It’s just not cleaning products which are bad enough, what about all the chemicals we put on our skin and inside us. Soap products, shampoos, conditioners, other hair products, cosmetics, skin care even sunblock.


During cheese production, milk is coagulated by adding the enzyme rennin into milk in a cheese vat. After 30 to 45 minutes, the milk will coagulate. In our daily life body releases large number of free radicals that are quite harmful for our body. These natural anti agents helps in balancing these radicals and provide a better vision towards health.


They protect the body and are formed inside the body in the younger ages. Vitamin C and E are considered as the best resources to generate them.Good health is what all people want. You can not perform everyday activities if you feel something wrong in any part of your body.


It will not be good to feel the discomfort brought by motion sickness as you travel. You will surely feel uncomfortable and will destroy the excitement that you feel as you go from one place to another. It can also disrupt your functioning as an employee.


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Is Organic Food Better for Your Health?

Many of my friends and family will only touch organic food. That’s their right, and I don’t try to fight with them. I sometimes get uncomfortable, though, when they make claims about organic food that just aren’t supported by data and evidence. Moreover, I think arguing with anyone who is attempting to eat more fruits and vegetables that theirs are in some way “not good enough” is counter-productive. Watch the video and argue with me in the comments below.

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Here are references for all the studies I talk about: http://theincidentaleconomist.com/wordpress/?p=53086

John Green — Executive Producer
Stan Muller — Director, Producer
Aaron Carroll — Writer
Mark Olsen – Graphics

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Are organic foods really healthier than non-organic foods? Are they better for animals? Are they better for the environment? Bjorn Lomborg, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, explains.
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“You are what you eat,” goes the old saying. And everywhere we are urged to eat organic: it’s more nutritious, pesticide-free, and protects animals and the environment. At least, that’s what we are being told – or rather, sold. And thanks to a lot of very effective marketing, many people believe it. That’s why, when researchers at Cornell University gave study participants a choice between two identical items, one labeled “organic” and one “regular,” the participants confidently declared the “organic” choice to be lower in calories and more nutritious. They also said they’d pay 16 to 23 percent more for the organic choice. But these beliefs about organic food have nothing to do with reality.

In 2012, Stanford University’s Center for Health Policy did the most comprehensive comparison and found organic foods are not nutritionally superior to conventional alternatives. And a more recent review of 20 years of research into animal products by Italian researchers confirmed these findings. The authors concluded: “Scientific studies do not show that organic products are more nutritious and safer than conventional foods.”

That’s fine, you might say. You don’t eat organic foods just because of the health benefits, but because you care about the treatment of farm animals and of the environment. Unfortunately, the facts don’t support these beliefs either.

Animals on organic farms are not generally healthier than regular farms. A five-year US study of dairy farms showed that “health outcomes [for animals on organic farms] are similar to conventional dairies.” And the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety reached a similar conclusion. It found “no difference in objective disease occurrence” on organic dairy farms as compared to conventional dairies. And while pigs and poultry on organic farms may enjoy better access to open areas, this freedom, studies show, also increases their exposure to parasites, pathogens and predators.

As for the environment, yes, organic farming will mean that in any one field, a farmer will use less energy and create fewer greenhouse gases. But there’s a problem here. By forgoing fertilizers and pesticides, organic farming is much, much less efficient than standard farming, which means that organic farmers need much more land to grow the same amount of food.

A major study in Europe found that to produce the same gallon of milk organically, you need 59% more land. To produce meat, you need 82% more land. And for crops, it’s more than 200%.

And more land for agriculture means less land for nature. If U.S. agricultural production was entirely organic, it would mean we would need to convert an area bigger than the size of California entirely to farmland. Economically, the lower productivity of organics means we have to commit more resources – land, labor and capital. The total cost to the US economy of going organic would run to about 0 billion annually.

For the complete script, visit https://www.prageru.com/videos/organic-food-worth-cost
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A woman pictured with her children, recovering from malnutrition at a health clinic in southern Ethiopia

Check out these Health Food images:

A woman pictured with her children, recovering from malnutrition at a health clinic in southern Ethiopia
Health Food
Image by DFID – UK Department for International Development
Tiru is a 25-year-old widowed mother of five, in Miyo, Oromia Region, considered one of the worst affected drought areas in southern Ethiopia.

Tiru is pictured with her two six-month-old twins, Gorore and Tadhala and her 9 year old daughter, against the aquamarine-painted wall of an Ethiopian government health clinic in Miyo, Oromia, Ethiopia, 3 August 2011.

“I lost my husband when I was pregnant with my twins, due to sickness. We used to work together, we had cattle then. We lost our 2 cattle because of the drought. We also watered crops for the rich farmers. I now do this alone. It is very difficult with two babies to work. My income is much less. I can no longer support my children. My father is old. He was able to support me at the start but now cannot.”

Community health workers from the NGO CARE International visited Tiru’s village a month ago. They advised that the twins needed screening for malnutrition. The twins were then admitted to an outpatients nutrition programme, and provided with plumpy nut (peanut butter with high nutritional content) for 3 weeks.

One of them is now ready to be discharged; when she was admitted she weighed 4.5kg, but after 3 weeks she now weighs 5.2 kg. This is considered to be acceptable and she no longer requires support. Her twin sister is almost there. She probably needs another week before she can be discharged from the programme.

UK aid is supporting CARE International’s nutrition programmes at clinics like this in Oromia, through the UN humanitarian response fund.

To find out more about how UK aid is helping those affected by the drought in Ethiopia and across the Horn of Africa, please visit: www.dfid.gov.uk/Media-Room/Features/2011/Horn-of-Africa-a…

Image: Tanya Axisa/Department for International Development

Health Food
Image by viZZZual.com
The usual commercial method of cultivating cucumbers involves the use of mineral (manufactured) fertiliser. However, a study in 2004 by the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Kuopio, in Finland (Helvi Heinonen-Tanski, Annalena Sjöblom, Helena Fabritius and Päivi Karinen) shows that pure human urine can be used as more than just a substitute; crop yields compared favorably, and taste and microorganism content did not appear to be negatively affected.

There did appear to be a slight smell when the urine was introduced, but this faded over time. (Source: Wikipedia)


Earthquake Children’s Mental Health And Psychological Intervention – Earthquake, Psychological –

Earthquake Children’s mental health and psychological intervention

– The average child for disaster

West China Hospital of Sichuan University Mental Health Center

Professor Guo Lanting An earthquake caused serious psychological trauma on children, including:

1, after the earthquake process 2, witnessed the scene of life to death after the earthquake affected areas, housing collapse to collapse scene

3, sudden loss of loved ones, friends,

4, family housing and school buildings damaged, a sudden loss of familiar environment and learning environment

5, the face of strangers, and unstable living environment

6, his disability Two earthquakes often occur after the children’s psychological reactions and physiological responses

1. Fear, panic; irritability 2. Grief, crying 3. Emotional numbness, dull 4. Alienate anyone 5. Worry about no one to take care of themselves, love themselves

6. Do not want to separate with the adults, do not want to be alone, always need to accompany their loved ones, worried about leaving their loved ones will never return

7. Especially timid, afraid of strangers

8. Easy temper 9. Do not believe that their loved ones had left, that they will return

10. Feel that they are children abandoned by their parents died, and even they will feel angry

11. Feel that their loved ones death is caused because of their well-behaved

12. Imitate the behavior of their loved ones died

13. Childish behavior: finger sucking, back

14. Abnormal behavior, such as special good, especially naughty, pretending to be strong

15. As if nothing happened, like, with no sorrow

16. Fear of future disaster 17. Fear and disaster-related natural phenomena

18. Sick: poor appetite, difficulty breathing, headache, abdominal Tong, general weakness,

19. Sleep problems: nightmares, sudden crying at night, difficulty falling asleep

3, children and adolescents most in need of psychological support are:

Sense of security, family members or trusted adults around them, and assured them:

1, things have passed, now it is safe

2, we will protect you 3, we will not leave you

Emotional response to the children to express your own emotions and feelings

1, we know that when you are afraid of the earthquake

2, we understand your lost loved ones, loss of school, students are very sad after

3, we also have these feelings, but also very scared, very sad

Let children know that everyone has these feelings, these reactions are normal

4, parents and friends can provide specific psychological support to children is:

Provide a sense of security and emotional resonance

1. Spend more time with their children, before going to sleep with him and tell stories

2. To leave the child to the child that a good time before departure, when it came back to do what, to the child that you’ll come back and let him rest assured, as late

3. Do not show too much fear, anxiety, and let the children think that you are backing him

4. To introduce a child around adults, arranged around the kids, and the establishment of temporary schools

5. As far as possible to provide children ages books, stationery or toys

6. For younger children or children of the same sex and their bodies can be stroking, hugging, kissing;

On older adolescents use warm handshake, Paijian, hugging, eye contact to give them a sense of security and emotional resonance

7. As far as possible honest answer to every problem child

Appropriate, measured to guide young children to express their own feelings and emotions

8. Encourage your child to describe his experience of disaster at the time,

9. By indirect means the death of their loved ones and children to discuss issues such as: small pet to first discuss the death of their loved ones died in the mood before

10. With a child feel about his loss of family members, can be speech, drawing, toys, etc. Let the child express his inner grief, sorrow

11. Give them a chance of losing relatives and friends have in mind, older children can point to their participation in the funeral of their loved ones

12. Can be with their children and family with memories of the past, the scene reminded them, “They loved you, you love them”

5, how to answer children’s questions?

1, will no longer earthquake?

Can not tell him no, tell them there will be a small aftershocks, and to teach children simple safety Tips shock. Let him know that if another earthquake, how would you do, how should he do. The best way is to take the kids to do with the shock simulation exercise, to understand the project.

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Cool Health Food images

A few nice Health Food images I found:

Clementine on a White Background
Health Food
Image by wuestenigel
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Clementine in a Snail Shape
Health Food
Image by wuestenigel
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Simple Food Health Tips

Do you want to lose weight? There is tons of literature out there of varying degrees of legitimacy. Eating healthy is directly related to fitness and weight loss, yet where does a person begin in order to think about eating right? Keep it simple; there are no secrets. Knowing some basic tips can be helpful. Consider the following:

Power of Protein

It is important for you to ingest foods and drinks with high amounts of protein. Protein is broken down by your body in order to fuel muscles and to promote the body’s various systems. Different foods offer their respective amounts of protein, so it is important to check nutritional information. Additional protein can be ingested via health bars, weight training supplements, and sports nutrition supplements.

Viva la Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are a vital component of a healthy diet. Vitamins and minerals facilitate the body’s functions and potential. For instance, vitamin B complex can help the body burn carbohydrates and vitamin C contributes to skin and eye health. A balanced diet offers a lot of vitamins and minerals, yet isolated dietary vitamins are available to those who need help finding all needed nutrients.

Shapely Snacks

‘Snacks’ are supposed to help bridge meals. Snacking can become detrimental if you’re consuming ‘junk food’ or snacks high in fat and calories. It is much more beneficial to seek healthy snacks such as nutritional bars, fruits, or vegetables. Snacking can be habitual; so, if you’re going to do it, then be mindful of your snack’s health contents.

Drinks and Inches

Some people are amazed to find soft drinks, sodas, and other refreshments negatively influence their diets. In some cases, a drink such as a ‘shake’ can contain just as many calories as a meal in addition to a ton of fat calories. Drinks can definitely add inches to your waist, so search for health drinks. If you’re a person who enjoys drinks as snacks, then consider pre-mixed nutritional drinks or get a blender and experiment with fruits and vegetables.

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Cool Health Food images

A few nice Health Food images I found:

Health Food
Health Food
Image by Travellers Travel Photobook

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Nice Health Food photos

A few nice Health Food images I found:

Health Food
Health Food
Image by Travellers Travel Photobook

You are welcome to use this photo . please ask before you use. No part of this picture may be reproduced or transmitted in any from or by any means without prior permission.

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London Health Foods
Health Food
Image by sardinista

Latest Health Food News

Health Food
Image by Dean Hochman