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Some cool Health Food images:

Health Food
Image by Piyushgiri Revagar

Deadly Listeria Food Poisoning: Who are at Risk?
Health Food
Image by jpalinsad360
Another Listeria outbreak was traced back to packages of Spartan Fresh Selections American Potato Salad. www.learn2serve.com/blog/listeria-foodborne-pathogen-risks/

Vancouver General Hospital remembers 100 years: Private ward dinner tray, 1933
Health Food
Image by Vancouver Coastal Health
Everything on the wards was done by the nurses and students, except cleaning floors and washing the dishes. Each ward had its own kitchen, and there were no wheeled carts so each tray was carried out by hand. These double-walled, silver-plated food warmers were originally filled with warm water, but due to inevitable spillage, warm sand was later used. The dumbwaiter in the background was used to carry meals to upper floors.

In 2007, VGH celebrated 100 years of serving the people of BC. To mark this milestone Vancouver Coastal Health gathered together a variety of photos documenting the beginnings of hospital-based health care in Vancouver. This photo is a sample from that collection.