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077_365_Halfway back

Some cool Exercise images:

077_365_Halfway back
Image by MichaelKuhn_pics
I am so glad to be able to do this!

I really like to exercise for both mental and physical fitness. Currently, my two primary forms of exercise have been yoga and swimming. However, for about the past two months, my back has been hurting quite a bit and I have not been doing my normal yoga. I have been to a chiropractor the past 3 weeks and we have made good progress. Today is the first day I am able to really get some good movement.

It feels good to touch the floor and break a little sweat. Prior to my back problems, I was just starting to get my feet past the edges of the mat, so still some work to go, but this does feel good.

Image by CCFoodTravel.com

Exercise III
Image by Katidjah

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