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S. Korea, U.S. kick off maritime exercise

S. Korea, U.S. kick off maritime exercise

한미, 한반도 전해역 대규모 해상훈련…미국 항모 칼빈스호 투입
Seoul and Washington began a large-scale combined naval exercise in the waters around the Korean Peninsula,… this time with the USS Carl Vinson.
The maritime drill is part of the ongoing annual Foal Eagle Exercise that runs through March 25th.
In addition to the Nimitz-class supercarrier, the two allies deployed around 60 surface vessels and sumbarines, including Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong… a 76-hundred-ton South Korean Aegis destroyer.

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Rem For The WinPosted on  6:50 pm - Mar 20, 2017

This video is confusing

KAMAL KUMARPosted on  7:45 pm - Mar 20, 2017

nice i will try$

Stephanie AffulPosted on  8:35 pm - Mar 20, 2017

i have a stiff chest.so what should i do please

SANJAY KUMAR RANAPosted on  9:19 pm - Mar 20, 2017

I like very much

Clayborn CampbellPosted on  10:15 pm - Mar 20, 2017

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Paul ConnollyPosted on  11:13 pm - Mar 20, 2017

Av bin goin 250 though out the day on the stairs for 4 weeks now and seeing results doing incline press ups

بسام الصباغPosted on  12:12 am - Mar 21, 2017

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Ignore ItPosted on  1:13 am - Mar 21, 2017

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Jaswinder Pal Singh GrewalPosted on  1:49 am - Mar 21, 2017

good workout

zankhana jainPosted on  2:18 am - Mar 21, 2017

you are fake exercise

Mr. Daddy ScaresPosted on  3:02 am - Mar 21, 2017

Dude I'm Mutha F-N Pumped!
just did some Bench n this feels as if I did the same n sum more!

Sandeep RathodPosted on  3:58 am - Mar 21, 2017

can u make a video of lower chest workout at home and in 3 ways

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