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Foods That Can Cause Automatic Weight Loss

Foods That Can Cause Automatic Weight Loss

Gas has gotten ridiculously expensive, and it was time to put the car on a fuel diet. Out of rebellion I stopped putting gas into my car but kept driving around. One day, sooner rather than later, my car stopped in the middle of the road. Completely out of gas I sat there pouting and mad at my car. Yes, this is not a real story, and yet this happens to people every day. What’s worse is that no one would ever attempt not giving our cars gas, it’s really a no brainer, yet we do this to our bodies all the time, all while getting mad at it for breaking down and getting sick when we feed it junk, or no food at all.

How ludicrous and illogical!

Somehow we still try these diets that scream “starve me, starve me” even though we know they don’t work. Did you know that 95{c942b8bbd39434854c8ef92e91b384b6dd289f9edeef465467e53c6d5c3c1fa4} of all diets fail?

So instead of depriving your body from food, what about simply adding three powerful weight loss enhancing foods, that can encourage your natural weight loss. There are no foods to cut out, only foods to add, here they are:

1. Squeeze 2 pink grapefruits each day and drink on an empty stomach. Make sure that you do not add sugar or any other sweeteners to it and that you do not eat at least 15 afterwards. Fruit in general, except banana, does not need any digestive juices. If you eat fruit with your meals, your fruit has to sit there in your stomach along with the other food that needs to be digested first. Often at the detriment of fermenting fruit, which causes stomach aches to many.

2. It is essential to drink a full gallon of water per day. Yes, you heard right. When I first heard this, I was certain that my bladder wouldn’t be able to handle it, but I listened and was amazed at how easily the weight started to come off and I was also hungry a lot less. You will realize that you won’t be as hungry as you were before, because your body was actually telling you that you were thirsty. It’s important to drink water without ice or lemons added to it.

3. Foods that contain high-water content are excellent for you. In particular they are great snack foods. These foods rich in water content are tasty foods such as dikon radish, other radishes, celery sticks, and iceberg lettuce to name a few. The are better if eaten raw than cooked. Such foods also give you a feeling of being full and their juices do a great job in flushing out those non-productive cells.

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