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Common Mental Health Problems among Teenagers

Common Mental Health Problems among Teenagers

Teenage is one of the most difficult phases of life. During this phase the body undergoes a lot changes and coping up with these changes becomes difficult. With hormonal as well as physical changes taking place, life seems to become overwhelming for the youth as they do not have much experience and often feel misguided. During this phase of life parental support becomes very essential. Apart from the physical changes, today’s teenagers also go through a lot of mental pressure, often created by their families. Almost every parent wants their children to become successful and often their children become a means to fulfill their unaccomplished dreams. This creates a pressure in the lives of their children, which develops a feeling of guilt in their minds when they are not able to live up to the expectations of their parents. Today, a large number of teenagers are suffering from mental health problems and there are several reasons underlying this condition. Some of the common mental health issues are:

Anxiety: One of the most common issues related to mental health among the young adults is anxiety. It is a disorder that is includes four aspects of an individual such as physical tension, dissociative anxiety, mental apprehension and physical symptoms. When an individual suffers from it they experience feelings of nervousness, fear, worry or apprehension. It can lead to sleep disorders, affect the heart, lungs, nervous system, gastrointestinal system, etc. There are different causes that lead to anxiety disorder and if not treated at the earliest, it can cause major mental health problems as well as physical problems.

Depression: Another common problem that has been diagnosed among the adolescents and youths is depression. There are a large number of young adults suffering from depression, which is also a cause of suicides among the youths. An individual might suffer from depression at any stage of life; however, it has become quite common among the adolescents and youth. When an individual suffers from it they often suffer from emotional turmoil, ugly thoughts develops in their minds, physical health deteriorates, etc. Even though there are several causes of depression; however, one of the major causes is the lack of parental support. If it is not treated during the initial stage, it can be life-threatening as well.

Bipolar disorder: It is a disorder that is seen among the youths and teenagers, which is marked by extreme mood swings. Individuals suffering from it are often seen to be hyperactive at times and go into utter depression very soon. If not treated during the initial stage can lead to major mental issues and persist throughout the life.

In case of these mental issues, parental support is very essential. However, it is important to consult a Mental Health Counselor, so that the kids suffering from any of these disorders can live a better life. If you are from Dubai, you can approach a Clinical Psychologist in Dubai or a Mental Health Counselor in Dubai for treatment by scheduling an appointment. Remember, early treatment is important permanently cure these problems.

Emily Jen is contributor writer and in this article she is sharing her views that how the mental health problem can affect the teenagers life and how it can be resolved by consulting with Mental Health Counselor or Clinical Psychologist.

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