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AIKELIDA Running Belt / Runners Belt / Sports Bag / Fitness Belt / Waist Bag for iPhone , Samsung Galaxy – for Men, Women during Workouts, Fitness, Cycling, Hiking, Walking, Running – Pink

AIKELIDA Running Belt / Runners Belt / Sports Bag / Fitness Belt / Waist Bag for iPhone , Samsung Galaxy – for Men, Women during Workouts, Fitness, Cycling, Hiking, Walking, Running – Pink

AIKELIDA Running Belt / Runners Belt / Sports Bag / Fitness Belt / Waist Bag for iPhone , Samsung Galaxy - for Men, Women during Workouts, Fitness, Cycling, Hiking, Walking, Running - Pink

  • ★Lightweight & Durable Running Belt – Our Lightweight Waist Bags are incredible value. Not only are they light but also durable and compact. Easily attaches for safe, easy carrying when running. Reflective stripe is designed for night safety.
  • ★Using breathable fabrics, body heat can be dispersed evenly, strong breathable, during exercise is more comfortable.
  • ★Provides protection for your phones, cash, key and watch from Water, Sand, Dust and Dirt. It is easily for running, hiking, cycling, and other outdoor sports with no worries.
  • ★Utility belt pouch suitable for fitness outdoorsports, running, hunting, hiking, cycling, Jogging, Travel, Treadmill, festival, camping and leisure life. Runner waist pack is comfortable, soft, elastic can provide stability for the most active runners.
  • ★It is big enough to hold your gear and perfect for Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 plus, 6S, 6S plus, BlackBerry, Google Nexus 4, 5, Huawei Ascend, LG Optimus, Motorola MOTO, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Windows Phone,even with very bulky cases, Approximate Interior Dimension: 7.2 inch x 4 inch.

AIKELIDA® Running Belt / Runners Belt / Sports Bag / Fitness Belt / Waist Bag.

Are you looking for a waist pack to accommodate your device? Worried about protecting your Phone while you work out? Don’t settle for less; try our runners belt. This lightweight, durable running belt is perfectly designed for your phone, key and cash. Whether you’re a dedicated hiker or need an easy way to take your devices to the gym, you’ll love how conveniently this waist pack fits into your lifestyle.

Lightweight & Adjustable

Just because it’s sturdy doesn’t mean it has to be bulky. The lightweight feel of this waist pack maximizes your comfort while you wear it. It can be adjusted from 27.5 ” to 43.3″, which gives it an amazing fit so that it is suitable for both men and women. It is ideal for running, jogging, hiking, walking your dog, and other outdoor activities where you need to have your hands free.


The zippered pocket protects your Phone, Cash, Cards, Money and Keys when you are exercising. Reflective stripe is designed for night safety.

– Light in weight & Dual pocket – No Chafing and doesn’t add bulk so you won’t get weighed down while running. Expandable pockets in a lightweight belt allow you to easily carry your phone, keys, cards, money and energy bars. Dual pockets allow you to separate your phone and keys to avoid scratching.


–Material:Breathable Mesh.
–Durable material,lightweight.
–zipper,secure and handy to open.
–The Two buckles on the back can adjust the suitable size for you.

List Price: $ 38.99


Women Sports YOGA Running Gym Fitness Leggings Pants Jumpsuit Athletic Wear N079

End Date: Saturday Feb-24-2018 6:01:50 PST
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Women Sports YOGA Running Gym Fitness Leggings Pants Jumpsuit Athletic Wear N079
End Date: Saturday Feb-24-2018 6:01:50 PST
Buy It Now for only: $8.88
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A few nice Exercise images I found:

Image by baslow

Bangkok – Morning exercises
Image by MsNina
Lumpini Park in the centre of town, opposite my office, becomes a hilarious centre for exercise early in the morning and again later in the evening at around 6pm.

Image by baslow

Fitness Training Programs To Make You Fit

Following a fitness training schedule is the key to an effective training program. It not only involves planning the days of the week, but the time as well. Scheduling which days to do the exercise routine has its benefit, but having a schedule can help plan out the activity needed to be done, and thus the improvement. A fitness regime does not consist of one type of workout alone. In many cases, body systems and muscle groups are affected by the workouts and exercises that are integrated. Combining different workouts together is not as boring as walking on the treadmill.

It is believed that warm up exercises enable one to perform better in the fitness routine. It is advisable to start the time-based fitness training schedule with an aerobic exercise. Cardiovascular exercises help in blood circulation to various parts of the body. It enervates the heart rate and causes the organs to function better. Muscle exercises come after aerobic exercises. After the blood has been pumped to every part of the body, the strength and muscles are in prime condition. Next, incorporate core stability exercises. They are best done after a heavy work out. Core stability exercises cool the body system down. It works out the muscles in the abdomen, pelvis, and lower back areas. These areas contribute to a person’s center of balance, and stability as well.

Finally, do stretching exercises. Stretching taut muscles helps to loosen and relax the muscles. It stretches them back into shape. Ending a fitness training schedule with stretches help to ease the tightness and tautness of the muscles. It also helps tones the muscles and maintains flexibility to keep you feeling and looking younger. Of course, if you are a hardcore bodybuilder or power lifter, what I’m saying here may sound like a joke to you and that’s alright because I wrote this article for the vast majority of people who just want to look and feel good, both physically and mentally.

But, let me just offer you this (from personal experience) you should start thinking now about ways to reduce the high-intensity stress and strain on your body – while still maintaining (and most likely improving) your overall health and fitness. High volume, heavy weight, and machine type training routines are a long-term ticket to aches, pains and injuries – some of you reading this know exactly what I’m talking about. Enough said. The above has been a proven and effective fitness training schedule. Many have incorporated this into their lifestyles and reaped the benefits. Do various different types of exercises in your training schedule to prevent boredom. It helps develop many muscle groups in the body as well.

Quinten Brown is the owner of Flames Fitness boxing canberra , a top personal training fitness gym center in Canberra. Quinten himself is a registered professional boxing coach and he has a lot of experience in giving boxing coaching to many batches. Flames Fitness is running under the supervision of Quinten for a long period of time and there are various personal training programs available for all kinds of fitness goals.

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Latest Exercise News

work out at the river
Image by mgstanton
I happened upon these two posing for a photo shoot for the clothing designer….

Mikey King NFM 2014

Some cool Fitness images:

Mikey King NFM 2014
Image by TerryGeorge.
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Ultra Fitness Challenge
Image by U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud
Apr. 7, 2012 sports The Ultra Fitness Challenge hosted by Warrior Country Sports was held at Camp Casey’s Carey Fitness Center April 7. The two competitors – Charles Smith, Company B, 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment and Carlos Simpson, B, 302nd Brigade Support Battalion – completed several mini-events: 7-kilometer bicycle ride, tire flips, a 35-pound rucksack carry to the obstacle course at Camp Hovey where they did 100 Army Physical Training-standard pushups, a rucksack run to Schoonover Bowl at Camp Casey where they had to run to the top of the bleachers and back, and then a race across the footbridge to the finish line at Carey Fitness Center. Simpson used a sizeable lead in the bicycle race to finish 6 minutes ahead of Smith – U.S. Army photo by Kevin Jackson

Image by d_vdm

Benefit of Exercise Bikes That Aid in the Exercise Experience

There are many exercise equipment products on the market today that are designed to enhance the exercise experience. Some of this equipment may include a treadmill, weights, step apparatus, rowing machine, etc. Often well-meaning resolutions or other commitments are the driving force behind the purchase of these pieces of exercise equipment. However, after some time, boredom begins to set in or possibly an injury which results in this apparatus being used to gather dust, become part of a garage sale or the focus of a ‘for sale ad’ in the paper.

Therefore, when selecting exercise equipment, it is important to select equipment that will provide physical exercise, not produce boredom, reduce the risk of injury and be comfortable to use.


One benefit of exercise bikes is that it provides a good exercise workout. A good exercise workout is defined as that activity that provides aerobic benefits, works the major muscles and aids in maintaining or reducing one’s weight.

The benefit of an aerobic workout will stimulate the heart and lungs. The stimulation is achieved through the proper intensity and continued level of the exercise being conducted. The levels needed for this aerobic workout is dependent upon the age and health of the person who is exercising.

Another benefit of exercise bikes is the exercise received by the major muscles of the legs. Both the muscles of the lower legs and thighs receive considerable attention and allows for a good ‘burn’ to be achieved.

In addition, the benefit of exercise bikes is the burning of calories. It is estimated that a workout of 30 minutes can burned close to 300 calories. This burning of calories in conjunction with a decrease in calories consumed, can help to contribute towards the loss of weight or maintaining one’s weight.

Reduces Boredom

It is impossible to receive the benefits of exercising if one does not exercise. Although, there are no guarantees, the purchase of an exercise bike may decrease the boredom associated with other pieces of exercise equipment. This decrease in boredom is possible because the exercise can be accomplished while reading a book or watching TV.

Less Risk

Another benefit of exercise bikes is that there is less ‘shock’ associated with this exercise. ‘Shock’ is defined as a part of the body coming in contact with a hard surface. This ‘shock’ action can cause stress which can be detrimental to parts of the body such as the ankles, feet, and knees. Such an example of this ‘shock’ is jogging and the wear and tear realized by the knees when the feet hit the surface of asphalt or other hard running surface. Obviously, any exercise that is done and creates pain is an exercise program that should be abandoned.

Comfort of Use

In addition, a benefit of exercise bikes is their comfort of use. Not only are exercise bikes available that can be sat upon like a normal bike, but there are exercise bikes that are manufactured in a semi reclining position. These bikes provide more comfortable seating as well as allowing the legs to extend outwardly rather than straight down. This comfortable seating provides less risk to the person who is exercising and minimizes the possibility of losing your balance and falling.

Eddie Lamb provides an abundance of information on a range of topical subjects. We believe better understanding your area of interest helps your decision making process immensely. You’ll find a host of useful articles about exercise bicycles listed on our site map page at Exercise Bicycle Articles.

AKA Pause clean deadlift

The halting clean deadlift is a pull variation that stops short of full extension at the top to strengthen and reinforce the position of the lifter over the bar during the pull of the clean.

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LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Smart Bracelet, Waterproof OLED Screen Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Tracker Pedometer Smart Wristband Band for iOS and Android Smartphone

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Smart Bracelet, Waterproof OLED Screen Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Tracker Pedometer Smart Wristband Band for iOS and Android Smartphone

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Smart Bracelet, Waterproof OLED Screen Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Tracker Pedometer Smart Wristband Band for iOS and Android Smartphone

  • Multi-Sport Modes: Track specific exercises like running, riding, treadmill, spining or yoga, etc.to see your workout stats on display; 8 default sport modes on the fitness tracker, additional 6 sport modes can be added in the APP
  • Connected GPS: Connect the GPS on your cellphone to see real-time run stats like pace and distance on display and record a map of your workout route
  • Auto Heart Rate and Sleep Monitoring: Track heart rate continuously on your wrist to maximize workouts, better track calorie burn and get a clearer picture of your health; Automatically track your sleep duration and consistency
  • Never Miss Call and Message: See call, SMS and SNS notification on your wrist to keep your phone out of sight and your goals in focus. This tracker requires iOS 7.1&Android 4.4 above, Bluetooth 4.0 (Smartphone only, not for PC, iPad or Tablet)
  • 0.96″ OLED Screen: See your activity and time with a 0.96″ OLED screen, automatically light up and show step number when turn over hand. Choose your clock display based on the stats you want to see and the design that suits your taste

Others Key Features:
Call Alert: Device will vibrate and show on screen when there is an incoming call, you can choose to answer or hang up.
Sedentary Alert: Set reminders for periods of time of inactivity.
Alarm Alert: Set silent alarms on the smart band to wake you up and not disturb your partner.
SNS Alert: Receive notifications from other apps on your smart band screen.
SMS Alert: Turn this on to read incoming text message right on your smart band screen.
Weather Forecast: Convenient and timely to get the weather information on bracelet.
Relax: Help you to guide breathing and find moments of calm throughout your day, makes you feel relax and better.
Remote Camera Shooting: Operation on the screen could control remote photography shooting.
Find Phone: Get notified when the smart band is getting out of range from your phone.
Music Control: Free to control your music player in your smartphone.
Wrist Sense: Automatically light up the screen when you turn over hand.
Heart Rate Zone: Help you to better know your heart rate details, such as peak exer, cardio exer and fat burning.

Model: ID107Plus HR
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0 or later
Bluetooth Transmission Distance: 10 Meters
Waterproof Rating: IP67 Life-level waterproof, sweat-proof, rain-proof, but do not wear it when you are showering and swimming.
Bluetooth Call: Call alert, hang up
OS Support: Android 4.4 or higher version/ iOS 7.1 or higher version
Screen: Multi touch 0.96″ OLED
Display: OLED
Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Battery: 65 mAh Li-Poly
Working Time: 5 days (with Automatic HR Monitoring ON), 8 days (with Automatic HR Monitoring OFF).
Charge Type: USB charge
Charge Time: 1 to 2 hours
Device Weight: Approx. 30g
Product Size: Approx. 240*20*10 mm/9.45*0.79*0.3″

List Price: $ 55.88


3 Best Plank Exercise For Women Beginners

Learn the three BEST PLANK EXERCISES to put every muscle in your body to work. Although simple in its appearance, the plank exercise is a great way to workout your core and get that flattering toned tummy that you can flaunt with pride!

Sometimes, exercises with simplest forms benefit in the greatest ways. And planking is one such exercise that you rely on for boosting your fitness levels. Planking is considered the best practice that gives multiple benefits and the plus point, it’s easy to perform. It’s that one exercise which should be a part of anyone’s workout routine whether it’s at home or a session at the gym.

If you haven’t tried this exercise before, it might look too simple to be beneficial, but that is deluding. The number of muscles involved and the strength required to do this exercise results in a complete body workout without the use of any types of equipment. And it is not restricted to one form. You can plank as you like. Do it on your forearms, your palms, on your side or using an unstable surface, the options are endless and the benefits, you are yet to discover.

Plank exercises for women are beneficial in some ways. Planking is one of the best exercises for a flat, toned stomach because it works all the muscles in your core. Strengthening your entire core is not only crucial for sculpting a flat stomach, but these muscles also provide support for the whole body in everyday movements, reduce back pain, and improve posture. Plus, planks burn more calories than sit-ups or crunches because they recruit muscles in the legs, arms, and rear too.

But everything has its advantages and disadvantages. If performed accurately, planks are a great add-on to any workout plan that not only strengthens your core but also works out your arms, shoulders, neck, back and hips. Plank exercise for abs is a sure shot way to get those ab muscles worked out. Crunches might be the regular abs exercise, but if you are relying on them alone, then your exercises are going in vain.

An active core has a direct effect on good posture as well. Abdominals muscles support the lower back and with stronger abdominals, chances of lower back injuries are less. A strong core helps you in the long run, with increasing age and weakening of muscles. Many people suffer from lower and upper back pains even while doing activities as simple as walking or sitting.

# Now to sum it all up, these are the health benefits of a regular plank workout:
* Strong abdominals
* Right lower back strength
* Better flexibility
* Better breathing
* Core conditioning
* Stress reduction
And counting….

Now let’s move on to some serious workout. This video talks about three Plank exercises which benefit you to the max, the plank exercises for abs and plank exercises for belly are a must for you if you want a stronger core and those flattering six pack abs.

To get started, we do the basic plank exercise. The primary plank requires not equipment, and it’s to get into the posture.

# The core plank exercise is the best for the following reasons:
* core conditioning and strengthening
* Supports proper posture
* Improves balance
* Reduces back pain

To do this exercise, lay on the floor on your elbows and toes. Your elbows should be bent and directly below your shoulders. Lift up your body and hold as long as possible.

# Next is the Plank triceps extension without weight. The benefits offered by this workout are:
* Effective for developing triceps muscles
* Stabilize core
* Exercises the rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis

For this extension workout, get in the core plank position. Then pop up on your palms and then on your elbows. Repeat for as long as you can.

The last exercise is the Jumping Jack plank exercise. The benefits:
Great cardiovascular, strengthening and stress relieving exercise
Muscles worked on abductors, glutes, obliques, rectus abdominis

Start in the basic plank position. With your body straight and your shoulders over your wrists but keep your toes together. Now simply do the jumping jacks by moving your feet out and then bringing them back in. Repeat it for as long as you can and rest.

Without any delay, include the Planks in your daily workout to be able to benefit from them to the maximum extent. These plank exercises for belly and abs are a great way to workout your less worked out muscles and will give you better results quicker than any other abs workout.

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Raw Honest Life/Fitness Q&A (Confidence,Girls,Bullying,AFROTC,Cardio) *TIMESTAMPS*

Raw Honest Life/Fitness  Q&A (Confidence,Girls,Bullying,AFROTC,Cardio) *TIMESTAMPS*

Best Jump Rope Ever (Crossrope):

►Join AD Workout: https://workoutad.com

►My Workout Plans/Courses: http://workoutad.com/courses

►My Apparel: https://teespring.com/stores/adworkoutstore

Time Stamps:
0:48 – When was the last time I skipped a workout?
1:52 – Do you get looked at by girls?
1:56 – Who taught me to cut my own hair?
2:46 – Still in AFROTC/ What about after college/ What job do you want?
3:46 – THENX collab?
4:08 – How to balance working out and college?
4:52 – Would I leave college to do Youtube Full time?
5:45 – Did I get bullied for being skinny?
6:46 – Do you like running/ what’s your favorite cardio? **
8:20 – What do I want to do with my life using under 15 words?
9:28 – Any Sports when you were younger?
9:39 – More music in store/ How did you come up with your song?
10:55 – How to fix lagging muscle groups?
11:31 – What got me into fitness/calisthenics?
12:13 – Can I backflip?
12:22 – Favorite Super Hero(s)?
12:29 – Where do I live?
12:42 – How often do I watch myself in the mirror and flex?
13:47 – Do people ask you “How did you get so ripped?” ?
14:18 – Future Goals?
14:45 – Did working out change the way that girl’s see me?
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Some cool Exercise images:

Image by baslow

Image by baslow