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La Bicicleta – Shakira & Carlos Vives – Easy Fitness Dance Choreography – Zumba choreo

La Bicicleta - Shakira & Carlos Vives - Easy Fitness Dance Choreography - Zumba choreo

Rock this summerjam with us!
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►Choreo by: Sassie – Saskia van Dijk

►Song: La Bicicleta- Shakira & Carlos Vives
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• Willkommen zum wohl krassesten Video hier auf meinem Kanal!
Heute gibts mal ne “FITNESS ELEKTRO CHALLENGE” mit meinem Vater leute!! Viel Spaß ♥
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Fuel Usage During Exercise

The type of substrate (fuel) and the rate at which it is utilized during exercise is largely dependent on the intensity and duration of the exercise. During strenuous exercise there is an obligatory demand for carbohydrate (CHO) oxidation that must be met; fat oxidation cannot substitute. In contrast, there is an increase in fat oxidation during prolonged moderate intensity exercise as carbohydrate fuels are depleted. Fats are also more dominant in long duration exercise since fat oxidation requires more oxygen than does carbohydrate oxidation.

Fuel Selection During Exercise

Again, fats are the primary source of fuel for muscle during low-intensity exercise (70% of VO2max). Proteins contribute less than 2% of the substrate used during exercise of less than one hour’s duration but may increase up to 5-15% during the final minutes of exercise lasting 3-5 hours.

At about 40% of VO2max there is a “crossover point” where carbohydrate becomes more dominant than fat in supplying fuel to the muscle. This shift to CHO metabolism is caused by two factors: the recruitment of fast twitch fibers (which are better equipped to metabolize CHOs) and increasing levels of epinephrine in the blood (which contribute to glycogen breakdown). This shift can also be seen when examining the contribution of fat oxidation at various exercise intensities. At 20%, 50%, 80%, and 100% of VO2max, fat oxidation yields 175 kcal/min, 250 kcal/min, 200 kcal/min, and 25 kcal/min, respectively. As such, someone looking to burn more fat during exercise would want to hover in the 50% to 80% VO2max range.

As the duration of exercise increases, there is a greater contribution from fat and less from carbohydrate. This is the result of increased levels of blood lipase, an enzyme that helps break down fat, during low-intensity longer duration exercise.

Muscle Glycogen Utilization

At the onset of most types of exercise, and for the entire duration of very strenuous exercise, muscle glycogen is the primary carbohydrate fuel for muscular work. The intensity of exercise determines the rate at which muscle glycogen is used as a fuel. The heavier the exercise, the faster glycogen is broken down. Furthermore, studies have shown that glycogen is depleted faster from fast-twitch fibers, especially during interval type work .

Historically, it has been thought that increased epinephrine levels in the blood were responsible for the initiation of glycogenolysis (glycogen breakdown). However, other research has shown that the breakdown is also triggered within the muscle itself as a result of increased Calcium ions .

Maintenance of Normal Blood Glucose Levels During Exercise

As glycogen, and thus glucose, is the primary fuel sources during most exercise, it is needs to be remembered that glucose plays a primary role in supplying our vital organs with energy. As such, the body has many systems in place to maintain adequate levels of glucose in the blood during times of inadequate carbohydrate intake (starvation/fasting) and accelerated glucose removal from the blood (exercise). Blood glucose concentration is maintained through four different processes:

* Mobilization of glucose from liver glycogen stores

* Mobilization of fats to spare blood glucose

* Synthesis of new glucose in the liver from amino acids, lactic acid, and glycerol

* Blocking of glucose entry into the cell to force the substitution of fat as a fuel.

These processes are controlled by several “slow” and “fasting” acting hormones such as thyroxine, cortisol, growth hormone, epinephrine/norepinephrine and insulin/glucagon. Maintaining normal blood glucose concentrations is a major task when you consider that the liver may only have 80g of glucose before exercise begins, and the rate of blood glucose oxidation approaches 1g/min in heavy exercise or in prolonged (>3 hours) moderate intensity exercise.

Carbohydrate Replenishment and Diets

This is one of the main reasons why it is recommended to replenish glucose and glycogen levels during activities such as soccer games, marathons, triathlons, 3-5 set tennis match, and so forth. Each of these sporting activities require moderate to high levels of exertion for extended periods of time and thus fuel replenish, mainly via sports drinks, is essential in maintaining physical performance and skill execution.

The effect of carbohydrate intake and diet composition on performance has been heavily studied. The vast majority of studies show that a high carbohydrate diet is essential for those who engage in intense or long duration exercise. For instance, one study had trained subjects run a 30 km race twice, once following a high carbohydrate (CHO) diet and the other time after a mixed diet. The initial muscle glycogen level was 3.5g/100g of muscle following the CHO diet and 1.7g/100g of muscle during following the mixed diet. The best performance of all subjects occurred during the high CHO diet. Although the starting pace was not faster, the additional CHO allowed them to maintain the pace for a longer period of time .

Bear in mind that substrates and hormones can interact and alter certain processes. This is commonly seen when a high glycemix index CHO food is ingested just prior to exercise. In this case, the resulting spike in blood glucose elicits a rise in insulin levels. As a result, fat mobilization is reduced (due to insulin’s anabolic effect on fats) forcing the muscle to use additional muscle glycogen. This is not desired if you are looking to sustain a given exercise intensity for prolonged periods of time.

Putting It All Together

The common misconception is that to lose weight you must stay in your “fat burning zone”. Eventhough there is some truth to this statement, it is inaccurate in the sense that losing weight is about burning as many calories as possible. As such, exercising at a higher intensity for moderate durations would be most effective in burning calories. It is important to remember that a calorie is a calorie regardless of its source and since 1 lb of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories, calorie-reducing exercise regimens are most suitable for those looking to lose weight.

Such exercise programs can take the form of interval work, where a bout of high-intensity exercise is combined with a bout of low-intensity. This type of training of has been shown to elevate the body’s metabolism for up to 16 hours post-exercise. It also fosters the maintenance of lean body mass while stimulating the release of lipase – a good thing since maintaining muscle and losing fat should be the goal. Having said this, I would also recommend implementing longer duration low-intensity exercise as well for it’s aforementioned benefits on fat oxidation. However, ensure to keep the intensity in the 50-80% VO2max range for best results!


Essen et al. (1978). Glycogen depletion of different fiber types in human skeletal muscle during intermittent and continuous exercise. Acta Physiologica Scandinavia, 103: 446-55.

Hultman et al. (1967). Physiological role of muscle glycogen in man with special reference to exercise. In Circulation Research XX and XXI, ed. C.B. Chapman, 1-99 and 1-114. New York: The American Heart Association.

Karlsson, J. & Saltin, B. (1971). Diet, muscle glycogen and endurance performance. Journal of Applied Phsyiology, 31: 203-206.

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Fitness motivation – The Aesthetic Era, here to stay

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Amazing, multi talented, aesthetic BMR Sports Nutrition Athlete Martin Heede aiming to become world champion. He all ready have a 6:th place in Fitness World Championships and 5:th place in Men`s Physique European Championships. And he wont stop until he reached the top. Brought to you by http://bmrstore.com/
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3 Ways In Which You Can Optimize The Use Of Bodyweight Exercise

Bodyweight exercise is the best place to begin when starting a physical fitness training program, should be added to programs that otherwise neglect bodyweight exercise and should be diversified with resistance training for programs that use bodyweight exercise exclusively.

Some people love bodyweight exercise and some people hate it… similarly, some people think bodyweight exercise is valuable to a physical fitness training program, and others don’t.

I believe that bodyweight exercise is not only the best method to start a physical fitness training program… but I believe that it should remain an active part of any well balance physical training program.

Let’s look at bodyweight exercise from three different perspectives… from the beginner just getting started, from the experienced weight lifter that neglects bodyweight exercise and from the bodyweight exercise only crowd.

1. Bodyweight Exercise For Beginners

Most commercial gyms will prescribe an exercise regimen of strength training, usually in the form of machines, and cardiorespiratory endurance training, normally in the form of stationary “cardio” equipment.

This is a generalization of course… but these two types of training are the predominant forms of physical training in most gyms, regardless of how they are put together.

Notice… bodyweight exercise is missing.

Answer me this… should a beginner with no prior experience with physical training start by jumping right into resistance training with free weights or machines, or would they be better served by learning more about the movement of their bodies by using bodyweight exercise?

Physical training allows you to improve the body by supplying increased stimulus that is not normally found in your daily lifestyle.

For the beginner, bodyweight exercise is the logical place to start… because most beginners are actually going from a state of complete inactivity to a state of activity.

The beginner has not even scraped the surface of what their body can perform without resistance… and should therefore strive to make improvements using bodyweight exercise first.

Once the beginner has made sufficient gains and reached an improved state with bodyweight exercise… then they can add resistance.

2. Bodyweight Exercise For The Experienced Weight Lifter

Many people with a great deal of experience and expertise in physical training completely neglect bodyweight exercise… or believe it to be ineffective.

They notoriously use all types of resistance training methods… while neglecting bodyweight exercise all together.

I propose that the goal of any physical fitness training program is to improve performance that can be used to meet the challenges of sport, work and life with excellence.

Many of those challenges will be met by the effective control and movement of your own body… and not the movement of other objects through space.

And what is the best way to train the improvement of body movement and control of your own body… that’s right, bodyweight exercise.

Here is an example…

Many people that have trouble doing a push up will focus on the bench press with hopes of improving their push up numbers… with limited results.

If you want to be able to do more push ups… do more push ups!

The point is this, the improvements you will see from physical training are specific… so if you want to see improvements in a bodyweight movement, use bodyweight exercise to do so.

3. Bodyweight Exercise For The Bodyweight Only Crowd

As you can already tell, I am a strong advocate of bodyweight exercise… but not exclusively.

There are various physical fitness training programs that use bodyweight exercise almost exclusively… like Yoga or Pilates.

While I have no problem with these forms of training… I believe they can take you only so far on the road to physical fitness excellence.

We must remember… Yoga exercises are performed in conjunction with meditation and Pilates was originally developed as a form of rehabilitation for war veterans.

The point is this… bodyweight exercise only programs will only take you so far, and then some form of resistance training must be applied to see further improvement.

In Conclusion…

Bodyweight exercise is an important part of any well balanced physical fitness training program.

If you are just getting started… bodyweight exercise is the perfect place to start.

If you have notoriously neglected bodyweight exercise in your training… add it to improve the physical abilities you have been neglecting.

If you only use bodyweight exercise… diversify your fitness training program by adding some form of resistance training.

In this way, each group can optimize the use of bodyweight exercise.

Do not underestimate the importance of bodyweight exercise… Use it effectively and in the right proportion to meet your goals, needs, abilities and limitations and meet the challenges of sport, work and life with excellence.

Eddie Lomax is a strength, conditioning and fitness coach and founder of Optimum Physical Training. We recommend his book Unchained Bodyweight Workout.

7 Exercises For A Flat Stomach At Home | Fitness With Namrata Purohit

Want a sexy flat stomach? You’ll definitely love these 7 easy-to-do exercises that will help you achieve just that.

Follow these exercises on their own for a complete ab workout or tag it to the end of your cardio workout.

So, when you realize you’ve been missing your routine at the gym very often thanks to your busy schedule, these exercises will surely get you going.

Karishma Damani (Beauty Editor, Glamrs)

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fitness model
Image by TerryGeorge.
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Image by Pablo TorresCosta

Japan’s Shirai soars in floor exercise, helping team to gold

Japan’s Kenzo Shirai lands ridiculous flips and twists on the floor exercise, helping Japan to the men’s team gold.


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Image by grande illusion
Shaking a leg at god.

Image by pandamoniumparti
art 4a

Image by pandamoniumparti
art 4A

Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD System

Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD System

Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD System

  • Dance yourself fit w/ this 5 DVD total-body workout! High-energy bursts help burn fat by combining cardio & interval training w/ serious fun.
  • Burn up to 1000 calories with Super Cardio Dance Party, Latin and Global Burst DVDs feat. cardio interval bursts to deliver a fat-burning kick.
  • Get ready to sweat your butt off w/ Zumba Max DVD, a super high-energy live class, feat. crazy-fun dance moves, designed to burn a ton of calories.
  • See results fast, feel more confident and transform yourself into a happier, healthier you. Feat. a Weekly Workout Planner, Healthy recipes & more.
  • SOLE CONTROL WRAPS: Slip ’em on over your favorite sneakers to increase your range of movement and allow you to slide, pivot and turn with ease.


The weight is over! Zumba Fitness brings the party home with the Incredible Slimdown DVD System featuring 5 DVDs, Sole Control Wraps, a Program Guide, and a Nutrition Guide. Give your calories one last dance with this total-body workout. High-energy 30-second bursts help burn fat by combining cardio, muscle conditioning and interval training with some serious fun. See results fast, feel more confident and transform yourself into a happier, healthier you.


DVD 1 –

– QUICK START- Learn the basic Zumba steps and get movin’!

– 20 MINUTE EXPRESS- Test your new moves with a calorie-torching, total-body workout

DVD 2- SUPER CARDIO DANCE PARTY FEATURING BURST INTERVALS- Give your dance-fitness workout an extra fatburning kick! Cardio Bursts are fun, high-energy, 30-second spurts that yield huge results.

DVD 3- ZUMBA MAX- Get ready to sweat it off with this super high-energy live class led by none other than Beto, the creator of the Zumba program.

DVD 4- LATIN BURST- Shake it to the sounds of merengue, salsa and reggaeton. Bursts help boost your results, so crank the fiesta music and let loose!

DVD 5 – GLOBAL BURST – Kick up your moves with cardio burst intervals as you dance-it-out to international beats, including Hip-Hop, Ashe, African, Bhangra and more. This total-body dance party will give you full results in half the time.

SOLE CONTROL WRAPS- Slip ‘em on over your favorite sneakers and get movin’! Sole Control Wraps increase your range of movement and allow you to slide, pivot and turn with ease.

PROGRAM GUIDE- Featuring a Weekly Workout Planner, Training Zone Guide, stretches and more.

NUTRITION GUIDE- Healthy recipes and nutrition tips for maximum results.


List Price: $ 24.95


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Image by kevin dooley
Exercise LP

Image by Rob Hutton
And walking back around the foreshore, Ris can never resist these exercise machines. 🙂

Image by SaRo Photography
using Mr. Weavers Build Nr. 8