Jamie Oliver – Teach every child about food – Documentary, Lecture, Talk (Health Food) – TED awards
Jamie Oliver – Teach every child about food – Documentary, Lecture, Talk (Health Food) – TED awards
Sharing powerful stories from his anti-obesity project in Huntington, W. Va., TED Prize winner Jamie Oliver makes the case for an all-out assault on our ignorance of food. He wants every child to be educated about food from an early age, so they can form healthy eating habits, preventing obesity, diabetes, heart disease. He also aims to educate adults as to what their children are eating and drinking at school, food with little or no nutritional content which does not sufficiently energise or stimulate them for concentration, learning, and development.
TED shares the best ideas from the TED Conference with the world for free, licensed under Creative Commons.

Best Superfoods & Vitamins at a Health Food Store to Thrive on a Raw Vegan Diet

John from goes on a field trip to Pure Health Foods in Las Vegas to share with you the best vitamins and superfoods you may need on a raw plant based diet. In this episode you will discover John’s opinions on which supplements may be necessary and which ones are a waste of money. After watching this episode, you will know the best and worst products in a health food store for people into a raw vegan diet.

Weight Loss Tips: How Does the NutriSystem Diet Work?

This diet has been all over the television. There is even one spokeswoman who says that she has lost weight twice with the program. People have lost as few as thirty-five pounds and as much as 125 pounds with the program.

NutriSystem had humble beginnings targeting only women. Presently they provide plans focused exclusively men, senior citizens, vegans, vegetarians, and people with Type II Diabetes.

The diet is based on the glycemic index. The glycemic index is a number that correlates with the effect foods have on blood sugar. For example, foods with a high glycemic index cause the body to secrete more insulin. This in turn causes hunger more quickly after these particular foods are consumed. Those foods with a lower glycemic index provide a more stable blood sugar. Resulting in more energy all day long. Insulin levels do not spike so people find themselves less hungry and more satisfied with their meals.

Every four weeks Nutrisystem delivers food to your home. The food can be easily prepared by following the handy included instructions. And best of all, no refrigeration is required because of the process used to package the foods.

The food is proportioned to provide nutritious, low glycemic index foods. These are called “good carbs” and they cause fast fat loss without much work. According to the Nutrisystem, the weight and fat will just melt away.

Nutrisystem does encourage participants to add low fat dairy, milk and salads, and fruits to each meal. The primary worry is the carbs that most people eat. Protein is protein, but carbohydrates are not the same. This is demonstrated by the varying glycemic index is assigned to different foods. Whole grains stabilize blood sugar but processed carbohydrates raise it.

The Nutrisystem Plan does not forbid exercise but it is designed to work without it. Exercise can only enhance this program since they are already giving you foods that are optimal for you. Whether weight loss will increase with activity is unknown.

The meal delivery program is expensive, but you may qualify for a payment plan. If you can afford to spend a few hundred dollars on yourself and then the same amount on the rest of your family each month, this may be the plan for you. NutriSystem requires no counting, recording of meals, or anything else like that. You just choose your meal, add some healthy extras, and eat.

But if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars per month, per person and all you need is a quick, much cheaper alternative. You should try a safe, healthy cleanse. I’ve put together a plethora of information about this attractive option on my website. Please follow my links below and learn more about it.

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Eat Cheap Health Food on a Budget Pt. 2


Are you strapped for cash and feel like if you buy healthy food you’ll be spending more money than you’ve got? Fear not!

In this episode Brandon takes us into your typical Grocery Store and guides us through a list of healthy foods which can be purchased on a budget.

Click here for PART 2!

Episode 2’s list includes: Coffee, Green Tea, Tuna, Broccoli, important Kitchen items and more!

These foods are full of protein, healthy fats and carbs to help give you the energy to make it through your day.

Buff Dudes / Food / Eating Cheap Healthy Food on a Budget Part 2
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Nutrisystem Diet, Does It Work? And Other Weight Loss Tips!

This program is everywhere. One t.v. spokeswoman says that she used the program twice to lose weight. People have lost as few as 35 pounds and as much as 125 pounds using the system.

NutriSystem started off with most of its clients being women. Now, they offer a men’s plan and a senior adult plan for both men and women. Their website also states that they have plans for vegetarian dieters and those suffering from Type II diabetes.

The Nutrisystem program is based who9lly upon the glycemic index. The glycemic index corresponds with the affect foods have on blood sugar and insulin production. Some foods have a high glycemic index. When consumed they cause the body to secrete large amounts of insulin. The increased levels of insulin cause hunger more quickly after these foods are eaten Foods with a lower glycemic index provide a more stable blood sugar and do not spike insulin levels. The result is a more even insulin production (no spikes) and more energy throughout the day. Insulin levels remain even and most people find themselves more satisfied with their meals and less hungry.

Every four weeks Nutrisystem delivers food to your home. The food can be easily prepared by following the handy included instructions. And best of all, no refrigeration is required because of the process used to package the foods.

The food is proportioned to provide nutrients and low glycemic index foods. These “good carbs” cause rapid weight loss with very little effort. According to the commercials, those who use the plan say that the weight literally melted off of them.

The plan does encourage participants to add low fat milk and dairy, salads, and fruits to each NutriSystem meal. The main concern is the carbohydrates that we eat. Protein is protein, but carbohydrates aren’t all the same which is evidenced by the numbers reached through the glycemic index. Processed carbohydrates raise blood sugar, while those that are made of whole grains stabilize it.

The plan does not exclude exercise but it is designed to work without it. Exercise may improve the results of the program since they are already giving you foods that are optimal for you. Whether weight loss will increase with activity is unknown.

Getting meals delivered expensive, a few hundred bucks a month for you and the same for every family member who wants to join. If you can swing this type of payment then this might be your plan. On the upside, NutriSystem doesn’t require calorie counting, recording of meals, or anything of the sort. You just choose a meal, add some healthy extras, and eat.

But if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars per month, per person and all you need is a quick, much cheaper alternative. You should try a safe, healthy cleanse. I’ve put together a plethora of information about this attractive option on my website. Please follow my links below and learn more about it.

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Say NO! to monsanto! Pt. 4

A few nice Health Food images I found:

Say NO! to monsanto! Pt. 4
Health Food
Image by adriansalamandre
Everybody hates Monsanto and GM foods in general, but governments always have the last word.
But maybe mother nature already is on the counter-attack, please read on…

Amaranth vs. monsanto

United States, five thousand hectares of transgenic soybean crop had to be abandoned by farmers and fifty thousand more are seriously threatened. This is due to a so-called "weed" that has decided to oppose the giant Monsanto, known for being the largest predator on Earth. However, this mutant plant proliferates and defies Roundup, the glyphosate-based herbicide, which "no weed can resist".

When nature takes over.

In 2004, a farmer from Macon, Ga., a town about 130 miles from Atlanta, noticed that some shoots of pigweed (amaranth) resistant to Roundup where he watered his crops of soybeans.

The fields which fell "victim" to this invasion were planted with Roundup Ready seeds, which contains a gene for resistance to Roundup which "no weed can resist".

Since then, the situation has worsened and the phenomenon has spread to other states, South Carolina, and northern Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri. According to a group of scientists from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, a UK organization located at Winfrith in Dorset, there was a transfer of genes between the GM plant and some weeds such as pigweed. This finding contradicts the pre-emptive and over-optimistic assertions of GM defence advocates who claimed that hybridization between a genetically modified plant and an unmodified plant is simply "impossible".

For the British geneticist Brian Johnson, specializing in issues related to agriculture: "It only takes one successful crossing over millions of possibilities. Once it is created, the new plant has a huge selection advantage, and it multiplies quickly. The powerful herbicide used here, based on glyphosate and ammonium, has exerted enormous pressure on the plants, which further increased the speed of adaptation. Thus, a gene resistant to herbicides, it seems, gave birth to a hybrid plant after a jump between the seed that it is supposed to protect and amaranth, which has become impossible to remove.

The only solution is to pull weeds by hand, as we once did, but it is not always possible given the range of cultures. In addition, these herbs are very deeply rooted and difficult to pull 5,000 hectares have been simply abandoned.

Many farmers plan to abandon the GM plants and return to traditional agriculture, especially as the GM plants are more and more expensive and profitability is paramount for this kind of agriculture. Alan Rowland, producer and marketer of soybean seeds in Dudley, Mo., says no one asks him for seeds of Monsanto Roundup Ready anymore. This used to represent 80{c942b8bbd39434854c8ef92e91b384b6dd289f9edeef465467e53c6d5c3c1fa4} of his business. Today, GM seeds have disappeared from its catalogue and the application of traditional seeds is increasing.

Already, 25 July 2005, The Guardian published an article by Paul Brown, who showed that modified genes of cereals had transited to wild plants, creating a "superseed" resistant to herbicides, a crossing "inconceivable" by scientists from the Ministry of Environment. Since 2008, U.S. agricultural media are reporting more and more cases of resistance and the Government of the United States has made significant budget cuts, which have forced the Ministry of Agriculture to reduce and stop some of its activities.

Diabolical or sacred plant?

It is ironic that this plant, seen as "diabolical" in the eyes of agriculture geneticists, is a plant sacred to the Incas. It is one of the oldest foods in the world. Each plant produced an average of 12,000 seeds per year, and the leaves are richer in protein than soy, contain vitamins A and C and minerals.

So this boomerang, thrown by nature back at Monsanto, not only neutralizes the predator, but installs a plant in places that can feed the world in times of famine. It supports most climates, from dryland areas to monsoon affected regions and tropical highlands, and has neither problems with insects nor diseases, so never needs chemicals.

Thus AMARANTH takes on the powerful Monsanto, as David opposed Goliath. Everybody knows how the fight ended, however unequal though! If these phenomena are reproduced in sufficient quantity, which seems programmed, Monsanto will soon have to put the key under the door. Aside from its employees, who will complain that this multi-national really dies?

Sylvie SIMON (Your Health) Translation: Adrian Kenyon

Hormones in Dairy, Meat
Health Food
Image by DES Daughter
" The cows in many US farms are routinely injected with synthetic hormones such as Bovine growth hormones, zeranol, trenbolone acetate and melengestrol acetate that are linked to early puberty as well as breast cancer.

Most cows are also fed with Monsanto’s GMO corn and receive growth hormones (to increase the profit by growing animals faster and squeezing them into small spaces).

There are also up to 20 different hormones (both natural oestrogen and 7-beta-estradiol), antibiotics, anti-fungal drugs, steroids and Anti-malaria drugs (pyrimethamine) in milk and dairy products. "

Sources: What’s in your meet? Drugs, cleaning chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, toxins and bacteria! by @OrganicLiveFood.

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Problem With Weight Loss Exercise Programs

Is a weight loss exercise program something you are seeking? Are you having trouble choosing a program appropriate for your needs? You have many options, which even include designing your own program. A personal trainer is another option you may consider.

Any individual’s level of fitness can be accommodated by a weight loss exercise program. Remember to seek your doctor’s advice prior to beginning a program, particularly if you are new. A high level is inappropriate for beginners. Instead, start at an easier level and get acclimated to a weight loss exercise program.

Using a variety of exercises is important in considering a weight loss exercise program. This variety will keep different parts of your body working, while giving you more endurance in the long run. Both trainers and individuals are advocates of this type of exercise program.

Start each exercise session with a warm up period. This will help you to adjust to a workout mode gradually. It will gradually increase your heart rate and get you ready for more strenuous activity. Cardio is often included in weight loss exercise programs because trainers want you to maintain your heart rate at an exercise level. This helps you to burn more calories as you exercise.

Strength training is best achieved through an exercise program. Being able to use free weights and exercise machines is conducive to using a strength training program. An individual may concentrate on different areas of the body. An example is doing crunches, pelvic tilts, or oblique twists to focus on abdominal muscles. Exercises such as seated rows, lat pull downs, or back extensions will strengthen back muscles.

A cool down period is needed at the end of every weight loss exercise program. Think of this as the opposite of a warm up period. The cool down period gives your body a chance to return to its normal state, and to reduce your heart rate to its normal resting rate.

You can create a weight loss exercise program easily with the help of trainers, exercise guide books, programs, or software. It is important to exercise daily to encourage weight loss. Tracking your weight loss to record benchmarks reached will also give you a better sense of where you stand in terms of reaching your weight goal.

If you would like more advice about on weight loss exercises then visit Weight loss Exercises Where we’ll show you how to Lose some weight.

4 “Health Foods” That Are Actually Junk Foods in Disguise

1. Processed “Low-Fat” and “Fat-Free” Foods

The “war” on saturated fat was a big mistake in the history of nutrition. It was based on weak evidence, and saturated fat is now largely considered by experts to have a neutral effect on health.

When it all started, processed food manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon and began removing the fat from foods.

But there’s a huge problem… food tastes terrible when the fat has been removed. That’s why they had to add loads of sugar to compensate.

Saturated fat is pretty harmless, but added sugar can be very harmful when consumed in excess, which is not all that difficult to do.

Unfortunately, the words “low-fat” or “fat-free” on a packaging often mean that it’s loaded with added sugar.

2. Margarine

Back in the day butter was demonized due to its high saturated fat content. Various health experts and organizations started promoting margarine instead.

While margarine is now virtually free of harmful trans-fats, it’s still just a mixture of refined vegetable oils and other ingredients designed to look and taste like butter.

Except… it tastes much worse than butter, and shows no health benefits over regular butter consumption.

In fact, the Framingham Heart Study found those who replaced butter with margarine were slightly more likely to die from heart disease. So they are probably on par with each other.

Now, that’s not to say that butter is a health food, because that has been oversold to us as well. Basically eating more butter than you normally would is not healthy, much like eating more margarine.

3. Fruit Juice

A lot of people believe fruit juices to be healthy. After all, it’s made from fruit… right?

But most fruit juice you find in the supermarket isn’t really fruit juice.

Sometimes there isn’t even any actual fruit in there, just artificial ingredients that taste like fruit.

What you’re drinking is basically fruit-flavored soda or soft drink, without the bubbles.

That being said, even if you’re drinking 100{c942b8bbd39434854c8ef92e91b384b6dd289f9edeef465467e53c6d5c3c1fa4} quality fruit juice, it’s still not a great idea.

Fruit juice is like fruit, except with all the good stuff (like the fiber) taken out… the main thing left of the actual fruit is the sugar.

If you didn’t know, fruit juice actually contains a similar amount of sugar as a regular sugar-sweetened beverage, like coca cola or pepsi.

4. Sports drinks

Following on from juice, sports drinks are also not as healthy as they appear.

They were first designed for elite athletes, so they contain electrolytes (salts) and sugar for energy.

However… most regular people don’t need any additional salts, and they certainly have no need for liquid sugar.

Although often considered “less bad” than sugary soft drinks, there really is no difference except that the sugar content is sometimes slightly lower.

No doubt it’s important to stay hydrated, especially around workouts, but the vast majority of us are WAY better off sticking to regular water.

It’s fair to say that if the packaging of a food says that it’s healthy, then it probably isn’t. Because the truly healthy foods are those that don’t need any health claims.

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Top 10 Protein Sources, Healthy Vegetarian & Meat Foods, Weight Loss Nutrition Tips | Health Coach

Corrina discusses the top 10 sources of healthy protein for vegetarians and meat eaters. Certified Holistic Health Coach shares these natural diet tips to make it EASY to be healthy!! Avoid the Processed food and Junk food in favor of these natural health foods for healthy meals, so you know what to EAT and what NOT to eat!!

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Weight Loss Benefits

Weight Loss Benefits:-
Weight Loss Benefits – Weight loss isn’t just about going down dress size or two. It’s about improving the life in dozens of significant ways. A lovely diet will contribute to retraining on how to eat properly. It is simple to fall in to bad eating habits like the over eating, or comfort eating. Make sure you create a habit of eating a lovely, balanced and moderate diet. Try and incorporate as lots of different types of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and the grains so that you can enjoy it, and not get bored by eating the same things week after week. Lots of dieters fail, because they get worn out of what they are eating, so they fall back in to the bad habits.

Weight Loss Benefits – Anyone who has been on diet will know how difficult it is. In addition to getting used to a reduced amount of the food, often a dieter needs to stay firm, and avoid sure foods which are fattening or high in sugar. Another issue for dieters however, is how to keep weight off after a successful diet. For lots of, keeping weight off can be harder than losing it.

Weight Loss Benefits – In the work of your diet, you will have started a regime of exercise and the fitness. Keep going! Your body will have responded well to the increased activity and the exercise, so in case you suddenly cease again, the likely-hood is you will put weight back on. In lieu, make the exercise and activity a part of your everyday life. Don’t think about it as chore. Think about it in more positive light, as a part of your every day method and something you enjoy.

Lose weight:-
Lose weight – Weight loss, in the context of medicine, health, or physical fitness is a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue and/or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon, and other connective tissue. It can occur unintentionally due to underlying disease or can arise from a conscious effort to improve an actual or perceived overweight or obese state. The Intentional weight loss is commonly referred to as slimming. If you’ve decided to lose weight then stop what you’re doing and first get yourself a glass of fresh juice made with fruits, the vegetables or both. Lose weight – It’s possible that between cramming yourself with information about the fad diets, the right exercise regime and calorie intake, you may have missed out on including foods that give you the essential minerals and nutrients you need. But the right combination of the fruit and the vegetable juices can deal with all of that and much more. The Natural juice along with a customized diet can help you achieve your weight loss targets much quicker and in the healthiest way possible.

One of the most important reasons for the weight gain is that we consume more calories than our body needs and these evil calories often lack major nutrients. So before you start with any weight loss diet you should first cleanse your body of all the calories and the toxins you’ve consumed through food, water and the environment in general.

There are weight loss benefits and if anyone is exercising then he will lose weight. Also food habits effects weight loss and it has many benefits like added energy and vitality. For more details visit

Healthy Snacks Care Package Box (40 Count)

Healthy Snacks Care Package Box (40 Count)

Healthy Snacks Care Package Box (40 Count)

  • FANTASTIC GIFT – Our snack boxes make great college care packages, military care packages, camp care packages, back to school care packages, housewarming gifts and preparation for road trips.
  • GUARANTEED FRESHNESS – All of our delicious snacks are guaranteed to have expiration dates at least 50 days out so that you’ll know that whoever receives it will be eating quality food that tastes fresh.
  • ONLY NAME BRAND QUALITY SNACKS – This 10″X13″ package includes 40 of the tastiest individually wrapped single serve name brand snacks we could find. The box includes a perfect mix of sweet and salty flavors to win over even the hardest to please taste buds.
  • SAVE TIME – We all know how much trouble it is to find good snacks at the grocery store, package them up, and then fight your way through the post office to send your package out. Bypass all of this with the click of a button and your loved one will have their snack box at their door in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself.
  • FAST AMAZON SHIPPING – Have a loved one that’s far away that you want to make sure is eating well? Take advantage of Amazon’s guaranteed rapid-fast shipping and send them a box of snacks in no time. You can even leave a gift message or add gift wrap at checkout!

Do you ever wonder if your loved one is eating well while they’re away? We designed these tasty snack boxes so that you can make sure they have the tastiest treats coming straight to their door anytime you want to send them a sweet little surprise.

If you have a college student or family member in the military living away from home, sometimes all it takes to bring back the memories from home is a tasty snack from someone they care about. With our pre-packaged delicious snack boxes, you can easily ship a box of love their way to bring them back to Mom and Dad’s or Grandma and Grandpa’s house with just a bite of tasty food and a care package.

If you’re looking for something nice to do for a loved one that’s going to bring a smile to their face, send them one of our delicious snack boxes and know that they won’t be going to bed hungry.

The Contents Includes:

(2) Nature Valley Oat’s n’ Honey 1.5oz

(2) Nature Valley Fruit and Nut Trail Mix 1.2 oz

(2) Kar’s Sweet ‘n Salty Mix 2 oz

(2) Kar’s Sunflower Kernel 2 oz

(1) Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut Almond 1.2 oz

(1) Stacy’s Pita Chips Cinnamon Sugar 1.5oz

(1) Stacy’s Pita Chips Simply Naked 1.5oz

(1) Kettle Chips Backyard Barbeque 1.5 oz

(1) Kettle Real Sliced Potatoes Sea Salt .8 oz

(1) PoP Chips Original Potato .8 oz

(2) PoP Chips Cheddar & Sour Cream Potato .8 oz

(2) PoP Chips Barbeque Potato .8oz

(2) Back to Nature Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookies 1.25oz

(2) Kind Dark Chocolate Chunk Bar 1.2 oz

(3) Planters Salted Peanuts 1 oz

(2) Wonderful Pistachios 1.5oz

(7) Welch’s Fruit Snacks .9 oz

(2) Quaker Chewy Bars .84 oz

(4) Crystal Light Water Bottle Packets Wild Strawberry 1.6g Cherry Pomegranate 1.8g Lemonade 2g Rasberry 1.3g

List Price: $ 39.99


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Tone Up And Slim Down With Fast Weight Loss

Ready To Lose Weight?

In this contemporary era, wellness centers and fitness organizations all over the country are thriving as more and more people seek information regarding how to shed unwanted weight. Here at Fast Weight Loss, we know how challenging it can be for individuals to lose weight and get healthy. That’s why we’ve developed and implemented a holistic program to help you. By learning more about the products and services we offer, we believe you’ll agree that we’re your #1 resource for permanent weight loss.

A Team Of Professionals

If you’re serious about losing weight, you need to ensure that you’ll be working with a team of professionals to help you. When you work with weight loss clinics in Miami such as ours, we’ll provide you with assistance from a staff of experts who possess the education and experience necessary to help you shed the pounds and keep them off permanently. In addition to studying subjects that pertain to weight loss such as Exercise Science and Nutrition, our personal trainers are passionate about helping people such as yourself lose unwanted weight and begin living the productive, powerful lives they’ve always dreamed of.

Customized Programs

When you’re ready to lose weight, it’s important to know that using generic, pre-packaged plans may not work. Why? Because these plans are not customized to address your specific needs. Here at Fast Weight Loss, we understand this principle. And that’s why we’ll put together a personalized weight loss program that suits your need and budget. Here at Fast Weight Loss, you’ll have access to personal trainers who can do assessments to determine exactly which type of exercises will benefit you most. We’ll also put together a personalized meal plan for you to ensure that you’re eating the types of foods that will facilitate fat loss while also keeping you full. By implementing the program we design for you, you’re sure to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

If you want to know whether a weight loss program works or not, the best way to find out is to hear from real people who have used it. Here at Fast Weight Loss, we offer our customers access to a plethora of testimonials from customers who have experienced success with our system. We have clients from all walks of life, and one lost 100 pounds in just 7 months. In many cases, our clients try other programs and find that they don’t work out. Yet when they come to us, we’re able to design and implement the perfect plan for them. Judging by the weight they’ve lost, it’s safe to say that the proof is in the pudding: our system works!

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Jocelyn Crawley writes about Weight Loss Clinics in Miami and the type of weight loss center Miami citizens need in order to accomplish their health and wellness goals.

My Weight Loss Story | Bikini Competition

I have come such a long way and I am so happy to share my story with you guys! Next phase in this journey: Bikini Competition 😀 xo
-Instagram: @graciesjourney
My Trainer: @jonnystraws
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